Why use a belt drive?

We designed the Saigon to be smooth, silent and maintenance-free, so naturally we chose to use a Gates CDX belt drive instead of a traditional bike chain. Here’s 4 reasons why we chose it.

What is a belt drive?

A belt drive uses a carbon reinforced nylon band with a series of ‘teeth’ to create a much stronger, durable and quiet drivetrain in comparison to bike chains.  

Why use a belt drive?

These reinforced belts are a super-tough chain alternative, never needing grease and are nearly maintenance-free. 

  • Durability

A belt drive can last upwards or 30,000km(19,000 miles). That’s 3-4x times longer than a chain.

  • Little to no maintenance

No rust, no stretching and no lubrication necessary. 

  • Silent and smooth

The nylon belt on aluminium sprockets results in a super-smooth drivetrain and is almost silent.  

  • Clean

            Because there is no need for lubrication, this eliminates the greasy mess that chains are known for, putting an end to grease marks on trouser legs.

‘Why we use a belt drive’ is the first part of a new series of blog posts explaining the thought behind each component of the Saigon. Stay tuned for more posts and please reach out with any suggestions for future posts.

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