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by Jack O'Sullivan

Charging – everything you need to know

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Traditionally, electric bikes that sported a removable battery didn’t win any prizes in the design department, until now. The Saigon fuses both form and function beautifully while providing one of the highest capacity batteries ever seen in a bicycle.

Why a removable battery?
A removable battery makes charging Saigon more convenient. If you live in an apartment, don’t have an outdoor plug or, just want to ride the Saigon like a traditional non-electric bike, all you have to do is unlock the battery and slide it out.

How can I charge?
You’ve got dual charging options on the Saigon. Plug directly into the front modular mount or remove the battery and connect it to the charging dock. Either way, you’ll be fully charged to go in just 3 hours

How should I take care of the battery?
Our batteries are warrantied to last 500 charge cycles. After that period, you should still expect to retain 70% capacity. To maximise the life of your battery, it’s advised not to fully charge and discharge on a regular basis. Our Lithium-ion batteries do not suffer from any ‘memory’ effects so it’s best to always ensure it’s kept above 10% charge and not left for long periods of time without use.