Five essential cycling accessories for the winter commuter

Accessories like glasses, gloves and shoes are essential for cycle commuters in the winter months, when the weather makes cycling a lot more challenging.

Of course, effective, high-quality bicycle components are a key part of road safety in the winter too. It’s important to ensure that your bike is well-lit for visibility, that your tyres have good grip, and that you use things like mud guards to keep the dirt and rain off your clothes.

But bike safety aside, there are certain accessories that every cycle commuter could benefit from using, which cut out the elements and ensure maximum comfort and stability on the road. Here is a list of our five favourite cycling accessories that you could consider when preparing for your winter commute.

Rapha Winter Collar

Made with 96% merino wool and 4% elastane, this winter collar acts as a buffer of warmth for your neck and lower face when cycling through your city during the colder months. It’s available in three different colours, and the natural moisture wicking properties of the wool make it highly breathable and protect you from the elements.

Its wool-elastane combination makes it stretchy so that you can pull it up from your neck over your chin if you want extra warmth, and the front side of the collar is a little longer at the bottom so that it can extend down your chest to provide comprehensive insulation.

A subtle, no-nonsense piece of clothing that can make a big difference to your overall comfort on the road, the Rapha Winter Collar is one of our favourite commuter accessories.

Cycling gloves

It’s important to make sure your hands are protected from the elements, particularly your fingers as they grip the front of your handlebars and are the first to be hit by winter wind and rain.

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite three cycling gloves which could be a great asset to your winter cycling kit, along with top tips for how to choose your own cycling gloves. Make sure you consider a range of factors, from water and wind-proofing, to smartphone touch screen compatibility.

Pearl iZumi Men's Monsoon WxB Jacket

The next item on our must-have list is the Pearl iZumi Monsoon WxB Jacket. Made of 100% polyester, this jacket is both breathable and completely rain-proof with fully-taped seams and a two-way waterproof front zipper.

We particularly like it because of how roomy it is, making it ideal for layering over your work clothes or whatever you wear to commute - there is no need to change, simply add the jacket over your suit. Tighten or loosen the fit to suit your body shape, and seal your sleeves with the Velcro straps attached at the ends.

Rumble VR Shoe

This is the perfect versatile cycling shoe that will get you from A to B both on and off your bike, combining clipless pedal compatibility with a grippy outsole. This means that your shoes will grip both your pedals and the road so that you can walk from the office to your bike without needing to change them - put your cycling shoes on at work and go home. No frills, no fuss, true comfort.

The Rumble VR Shoe comes in a range of colours. Its upper layer is made from high-quality, synthetic fabric and a breathable mesh to keep your feet comfortable. The sole consists of a carefully moulded shank with an optimised cleat zone to transfer your power to the pedals. We love the look and feel of the shoe most of all. It bridges the gap between smart and sporty, making it ideal for the average city commuter.

Shimano CE-SQRE1 Glasses

Finally, glasses! Something to protect your eyes from the elements and shield them from the winter sun. We like Shimano’s CE-SQRE1 Glasses for their lightweight, strong and durable frame and Polycarbonate lenses. These glasses have full UV400 protection, making them ideal both for winter and for summer, and their hydrophobic coating increases water-repellency, keeping the lenses cleaner.

There are a number of things that every cyclist needs in the colder months, particularly those who use their bikes every day to get to and from work. Hopefully this list will be useful for you this winter!

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