Cities for Cyclists: Copenhagen

Europe is home to some of the best cities in the world for cycling enthusiasts, with millions of people out on two wheels every day in urban environments that are increasingly built to cater to cyclists. But which are our favourites?

We're starting a series of stories on what we reckon are some of the most bicycle-friendly cities in Europe, particularly for e-bike enthusiasts.

First on the list is Copenhagen, Denmark, home to some of the most bicycle-friendly streets in the world. An estimated 49% of all trips to work or school are done by bike in Copenhagen, and residents cycle an average of 1.44 million kilometres every day.

The secret is in effective, creative urban planning. City planners in Copenhagen have created a system whereby bicycles are integrated into the roads at various levels depending on the road and traffic contexts. Lower-trafficked streets have no bike lanes but are built to keep speed at a minimum so that bicycles are accommodated into the traffic itself, with narrower lane widths, tighter corners and textured surfaces.

On busier neighbourhood streets, bike lanes are separated by a painted line or, on main streets, with a curb between the cyclists and the rest of the traffic. Sometimes, further out of the city centre, these curbs are even buffered.

Then there are the off-street paths and bridges that connect bike lanes across the city and allow for greater fluidity of movement. These paths run through parks or waterfronts, keeping pedestrians and cyclists separated with different surface colours.

But we think it’s the dedicated pedestrian and bicycle bridges that really make Copenhagen stand out. The first of these, Bryggebroen bridge, was built in 2006 to connect Havneholmen to the Islands Brygge.

Within months, thousands were crossing the bridge every day and the latest figures from 2018 show that with the adjoining Cykelslangen bridge, this number has risen above 20,000. There are now more than a dozen bridges like Bryggebroen across Copenhagen, keeping the city linked together for two-wheel explorers and commuters alike.

Bicycle rentals

There are a range of options to rent a bicycle in Copenhagen. Check out this article for a reliable list of bike rental shops.

Places to Visit

Don’t forget to check out the Bryggebroen bridge while you’re in Copenhagen, or the Dronning Louises Bro - arguably the world’s busiest bicycle street. Built in 1887, the street was later narrowed to facilitate broader sidewalks and accommodate bicycle paths. Now, it’s a popular attraction in the city centre and a key cycle route for those getting around on two wheels.


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