Cities for cyclists: Singapore

Next in our Cities for Cyclists series is Singapore, one of Asia’s most bicycle-friendly cities with some beautiful scenic places to visit on two wheels.

The city is set up with its own bike-friendly routes, as well as careful road rules that make cycling on the roads safe and easy. Here is a rundown of the cycling infrastructure in Singapore, the rules, and our favourite routes to cycle.

The infrastructure

There are now 460km of cycling paths in Singapore, set to be expanded to 800km by 2023. The paths will be primarily for commuters, connecting them to MRT stations, bus stations and nearby city infrastructure such as malls and schools.

One particularly awesome set of bike paths and roadways to check out is the Park Connector Network (PCN), a network of linear green corridors stretching over 300km which connects Singapore’s main parks and nature areas. There are several shorter loops available, as well as longer routes, including a route around the entire island.

Cyclists are also allowed on footpaths and roads, under some conditions, and Singapore has developed clear road rules for two-wheel vehicles to ensure that everyone is safe on its streets.

The rules

The most important road rules in Singapore are to obey the same signals as other vehicles, and make sure you are travelling in the same direction as the traffic flow.

You must wear a helmet and stick to the left edge of the road, cycling in single file on single-lane roads and during bus-lane operation hours. Bicycles are not allowed on expressways, road tunnels and certain viaducts.

Other rules include:

  • No use of mobile phones while riding
  • Dismount and push your bicycle when you see a “No Riding” sign
  • Switch on your front and rear lights when riding in the dark
  • Always give way to pedestrians
  • Walk your bike in crowded areas
  • Gently alert others before overtaking
  • Keep left on paths unless overtaking
  • Ride on cycling paths and bicycle crossings when available. When doing so, keep a safe distance from other path users, particularly when overtaking.
  • Use your hands to signal when changing direction

NOTE: while this may seem like a lot of rules, cycling in Singapore is actually an incredibly freeing experience! With so much infrastructure set up for cyclists, the city is a very bike-friendly place.

You should also make sure you park your bicycle in the right spaces. There are bicycle racks, yellow spaces and designated parking places for bicycles around the city.




NOTE: Bike rental in Singapore costs between eight and 14 Singapore dollars, depending on the rental duration and bike quality.

Our favourite cycling routes

Ride from Geylang to Marina Bay Sands: Cycle along the Geylang River to the heart of Singapore, past Gardens by the Bay, the F1 Race Course and all the way to Marina Bay Sands. Stop off in Gardens by the Bay for a range of delicacies sold by local food vendors. Bicycles are available for rent around the city. There are two apps you can use to find them - SGbike and Anywheel.

Cycle through East Coast Park: This route takes you right next to the beach, past countless cafes and seafood restaurants. There are water-sports to stop off and enjoy, or perhaps to watch over a cocktail or cold pressed juice. Again, you can always rent a bike if you want to.

Visit Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park: Hop on your bicycle and ride around this beautiful man-made garden. Particularly spectacular at nighttime, Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park makes for a great oasis in a bustling city. Sometimes you will even see otters!

Cycle around the whole country! Yes, you can cycle the entirety of Singapore. Because the country has only 193 kilometres of coastline, you can cycle around the whole thing in just one day. Many people choose to start early in the morning, as early as 3am, to avoid the sun. Check out this youtube video for some insight from someone who has made the trip themselves:


NOTE: Check out the Singapore government’s dedicated website for more tips on where to cycle