Cities for Cyclists: Vancouver

Over the past few months we have been recommending cities around the world that are great for cycling, from Singapore to Amsterdam.

This time we want to feature Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, a city that combines budding bicycle infrastructure with some beautiful scenic routes for getting out on two wheels. We have also just launched MODMO in Canada, making Vancouver a top place for exploration on one of our two ebike models.

Because Vancouver has quite a temperate climate, you can cycle all year round. It’s also a very sustainability-focused city, which makes cycling quite popular amongst its residents, and there are plenty of cycling pathways, parks and larger roads to explore.

Here is a rundown of the rules for cyclists in Vancouver, the infrastructure available and some of our favourite routes. Have a read!

The Rules

In Vancouver, cyclists have the same rights and duties as a driver of a vehicle. For bikes specifically, helmets with CSA, ANSI, ASTM or SNELL rating or certification are mandatory by law, and all bicycles are required to carry a red rear reflector.

If you’re riding at night, make sure you have a white front headlight that shines 150m in front of you, and a rear red light that can be visible up to 100m behind you.

Your bicycle must also be fitted with a bell or other warning device, and it is illegal to ride with headphones on.

Other rules include:

  • Keep at least one hand on your handlebars at all times
  • All riders on a bicycle must have their own seat - think tandem bikes, child seats, child trailers, etc
  • Ride single file if you are in a pair or group of cyclists
  • Ensure your brakes are effective and in working order

The Infrastructure

Vancouver is currently in the process of expanding its cycling infrastructure, with new cycling routes being planned all around the city.

But its existing infrastructure already provides a range of cycling routes to explore. The city has its own cycling map for those looking to get out and about on a bicycle, and there are plenty of protected bicycle lanes and bicycle parking options. There is even a public bike-share system called Mobi, and if you like you can register your private bicycle with the 529 Garage bike registry to reduce theft.

NOTE: we now sell our ebikes in Vancouver! Read on for more information

Our favourite cycling routes

Stanley Park

Take your bicycle to one of Vancouver’s most scenic parks and cycle through the greenery. It’s difficult to cover all the ground in Stanley Park in just a few hours as it’s a large, sprawling place, so be selective with your route or allocate a full day to exploring. Ride the 6 mile paved path along the Stanley Park Seawall, circling the entire park, or head down one of the bike trails that network through the park itself.


Sunset Beach - False Creek - Kitsilano Beach

This route travels alongside the sea, by Vancouver’s beaches and urban waterfronts. You will pass a number of museums, including Science World and Vancouver Maritime Museum. If you’re a fan of good food, take a slight detour to Granville Island, famous for its dining options and the Granville Island Public Market. End the ride at Kitsilano Beach and kick back by the sea.


Arbutus Corridor Greenway

This is one of Vancouver’s more beautiful rides, a well-travelled north-south artery from the Vancouver International Airport through the residential areas of the west side of the city, to downtown Vancouver. A favourite for urban commuters. Ride slowly and take in the scenery around you.

The Bridges

Definitely don’t miss the opportunity to cycle over the many bridges in Vancouver. One of our favourites is the Lions Gate Bridge, a 1517 metre-long suspension bridge that towers over the Burrard Inlet, linking communities on both sides.

Named after two pointed mountain peaks to the north of Vancouver, this bridge is a well-known historic site of Canada and an intrinsic part of Vancouver’s infrastructure. It’s also a beautiful place to ride! We would recommend plotting a route around the city that crosses as many bridges as you can.


Kitsilano to Whytecliff Park/Horseshoe Bay

Finally, the longest and most difficult of our recommended routes: Kitsilano to Whytecliff Park. At 58km with a 710m elevation, this is a ride for those looking for something longer and more challenging. Cycle alongside the ocean, catching scenic views as you test your strength as a cyclist.

NOTE: Riding an ebike would make this a much more relaxing trip. Pedal assist is the perfect way to effortlessly ride up hills and enjoy the beautiful flats.


MODMO in Canada

Finally, can you buy our ebikes in Canada? In short: yes!

We recently launched our sister site,, through which you can order both of our Saigon S and Saigon+ ebikes, which are expected to arrive in Vancouver this Summer.

Our initial launch has been local, in the Greater Vancouver Area and Sea to Sky / Whistler area. For a limited time, our Canada team will be offering white glove delivery and bike setup for customers in these areas, and we plan to keep all service and maintenance in house too. As our Canada team evolves, we will be putting other support systems in place to expand to the rest of the country.

So if you are a Greater Vancouver Area or Sea to Sky / Whistler resident, visit our Canada site today! And if you are in wider Canada, stay tuned for our MODMO roll out over this coming year. We can’t wait to welcome you to the MODMO family.