First look: Pre-production prototype

Hey guys,
As you have all been patiently waiting to receive your Saigon, we brought our most recent prototype to the photo studio so we could show you how it’s looking. Here's a link to the images.
There are two key features missing from the photoed bike - the front light and rear electroluminescent paint. Both of these components are still under development but will be finished by the end of July.
Front light - We’re still working on the lens for our light as, during the R&D process, we weren’t happy with the shadow that was being cast by the wheel but this is being solved by developing a custom optical lens.
Rear electroluminescent paint - We have released demos of this in the past but we are still working on finding the perfect shade of orange paint. Rest assured that this will also be completed by the end of July.
Remember - This is not the final product. We are still tidying up some minor details and making improvements. As always, if you have any questions please send us an email, Facebook message or catch us on live chat!