Five apps that every daily cyclist needs

If you’re in the habit of heading out on your bike most days, the right apps could make the world of difference, getting you further with ease and convenience.

We’ve pulled together a collection of five apps to use when cycling, including our own, for tip-offs on weather and terrain, tracking your stats, linking up to public transport, even planning your coffee stop. Some of these apps are for cyclists, others are just generally useful, all are great additions to your daily ride!

1. Track your ride with the MODMO app

First, let us explain to you what our app can do and how it works with your Saigon ebike. Our app is currently compatible with all Saigon+ ebikes. With it, you can track important information about your bike and its battery charge, as well as details from your ride such as calories burned, your average speed, the C02 saved, etc. We also have a leaderboard through which you can compare your rides with those of other MODMO enthusiasts, or just set your own goals and compete against yourself.

2. Plan your ride with Komoot

The MODMO app will track all the data you could want during and after your ride, but what about planning out your route before you leave? When going out for a cycle, it can be really useful to know what to expect along the way - things like the kinds of roads you will encounter, the traffic, etc.

This is where Komoot comes in. Choose a bike - mountain bike, road bike, gravel bike, etc - and the app will adjust the routes it recommends according to the bicycle you choose and to the ability of the rider. It won’t send you down a mountain bike trail on your MODMO ebike, for example. You can also check out highlights from other users’ rides and incorporate their favourite stops into your own journey.

3. Watch the weather with

There are lots of websites and apps out there that you can use to stay abreast of the weather prior to leaving for your ride, and is a great example.

We like it because it will let you know a range of weather features in real time, from wind and rain to temperature, humidity and pressure. Windy offers over 40 different weather maps, compiling data from leading weather forecast models across the world. The app enables you to pick and choose when you hop on your bike according to what the weather looks like in the immediate future.

4. Link up with public transport apps

This is a more general tip for those who live in big cities and will be bringing their bicycle on and off public transport: if you think you may end up taking the bus or train for part of your journey, make sure you download your city’s public transport app or link up to the relevant website so that you can keep on top of timetables and delays. Not every city allows bicycles on buses and trains so be aware of local restrictions.

5. Stop for a coffee with BeanHunter

If you’re a coffee fan, this one’s for you! BeanHunter is a quick and easy way to find the best coffee shops nearby. Simply stop and sift through the best reviewed cafes around you. You can also add your own favourite cafe if it isn’t already listed.


One final app that you may want to consider is a bicycle maintenance guide like this one for quick repairs on the road, but if your bicycle is a MODMO ebike and the issue is complex, we would always recommend asking us for help first.

You can contact our Customer Service team at You can also find tips on how to care for your MODMO ebike in this article - our bikes are built to be as maintenance free as possible, but there are definitely some things you can do to help keep your ebike ready for adventure.