How To: install and remove the pedals

When you receive your MODMO ebike, you will need to install the pedals yourself using the tools that are provided with the bike.

What you will need:

  • 15mm wrench

Install the pedals

To install the pedals:

    1. First identify which pedal goes on which side by checking the top bar for an “R” or an “L” - R for right and L for left. This is very important as using the wrong pedal will damage the thread

    2. The pedal with R on it goes on the side that is to your right when you sit on the bike, and the L goes on the left

    3. Use a bit of grease on the thread before winding it in

    4. Install the right pedal on the right crank arm. Use your hands to turn it clockwise, then use the 15mm wrench to tighten the pedal firmly- there is no need to tighten too hard, as the threads on the pedal axle are designed to apply torque as you’re biking

    5. Install the left hand side pedal on the crank arm. The procedure is exactly the same except for one thing - this pedal installs anticlockwise. Again, tighten only slightly using the wrench

    Remove the pedals

    To remove the pedals:

      1. Use the same 15mm wrench to loosen them while using your other hand to hold the crank arm steady

      2. On the right hand side, turn the wrench anticlockwise to loosen the pedal

      3. On the left hand side turn the wrench clockwise

      4. Use your hands to take the pedals off the crank arms