JobRad x MODMO: How does it work?

We are on a mission to get more people all over the world out on two wheels, embracing bicycle transportation over the fossil-fuelled car.

A big part of this centres around your daily commute. The car is still the dominant mode of transport in the EU, with most people choosing private vehicles to get to work over public transport.

So we partnered with JobRad to establish a cycle to work scheme through which you can buy a MODMO ebike with the help of your company, saving money as you do so.

What is JobRad?

JobRad makes getting on two wheels easy. Based in Germany, it is designed specifically for cycle to work schemes, offering an efficient, bullet-proof system that allows you to purchase MODMO ebikes through your company and get them safely to your office.

How does it work?

Using JobRad is super simple - it all starts with a sleek, streamlined online form. It’s a great way to save money too. Thanks to tax incentives, our system is set up so that you will save up to 40% if you opt to purchase a MODMO ebike through JobRad, or even more if your employer gives you a subsidy.

The first step is to provide us with the information needed to initiate a request to your employer’s JobRad portal. There is a form on our signup page that you fill in. Please make sure to use your work email address that will be linked to your employer’s Jobrad portal.

Next, our German-based partners, ListNRide, submit the request to JobRad, and your employer accepts the quote via their JobRad portal. We will then process your order and get your bike delivered to you as soon as possible. Please let us know once your bike has arrived safely so that we can process the invoice - your employer doesn’t pay anything until your bike is with you and you have informed us that it has arrived safely and you are happy with it.

How do I get started?

If you would be interested in looking into a MODMO ebike through JobRad, please visit this signup page and start the online form. If your company does not work with JobRad yet, let them know that they should! If you are self-employed, you can also use JobRad: JobRad for the self-employed.