Meet Alice, MODMO’s Marketing Communications Executive

We want to bring you inside the MODMO family, to give you an idea of who we are behind the scenes and how we operate, so we are introducing our team to you through a series of interviews with different MODMO staff members.

This week we spoke to our new Marketing Communications Executive, Alice Soulard. Alice came to MODMO three months ago and has been managing our social media channels, emails, video shoots and a range of other key areas within our marketing operations ever since.

We caught up with her for a chat about her background, her role and her expectations for MODMO in 2022.

Please introduce yourself - who is Alice?

Let’s start with the basics, I'm half-English half-French and was born and raised in London. I'm a designer, visual communicator, and all-round creative thinker. I am currently based in our Vietnam HQ and how I came to be here is a bit of an interesting story.

I came out to Asia at the beginning of the pandemic quite unintentionally. Starting in England, my initial plan was to head to Australia with an extended week-long layover in Singapore, but that was March 2020 [around when COVID hit] so that didn't quite happen.

To cut a long story short, I spent a year in Singapore, got a job out here in Vietnam at a video production company and then around three months ago, I joined MODMO. I’m very happy to be here!

What do you do at MODMO?

I am MODMO’s Marketing Communications Executive and what that entails is pretty broad. At the moment, I'm responsible for our social accounts, so Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.

I'm also in charge of our email campaigns, as well as developing ideas for wider campaigns which we're currently working on at the moment. I am also in some ways an Art Director for the video production that we do, as well as for photo shoots and things like that – I orchestrate all of those.

What’s your professional background and what does that bring to the work you do?

My background is mostly in branding. I went to the Arts University Bournemouth and spent three years studying Visual Communication, which at its very core is like graphic design but it focuses more on the “why” of what we're doing and the messaging.

It’s very much like “Okay, so you've got a green apple as a graphic. What does the green signify? What does the apple signify? Why have you chosen this?”

So that's my background, then my core focus is in branding, which is what I spent the next three years doing at a company called Make Studio. I have also covered things like web design and art direction for video production. So with all of this I feel like I bring a strong direction to MODMO, a strong core messaging that we're digging into as a team.

What does your work mean for our customers?

Well the work I'm doing, alongside our Chief Marketing Officer, our Head of Design, and the wider design team is kind of what creates the face of MODMO.

The work that we do is the front end of what the customers will see. We’re creating an identity that resonates with customers. We interact with customers on a day to day basis and are on hand to provide information as well as answer questions, we work closely with our Customer Experience team on this one.

What do you like about working at MODMO?

The flexibility and the people I would say are the two biggest factors. The people we work with are amazingly lovely human beings and I really like that MODMO puts a focus on finding not just the right person for the job but the nicest person too.

”I really believe in the MODMO mission and its ethos, and just what it's doing as a company”

And just the flexibility of it, especially in a marketing role my job is 100% remote if I want it to be, which is amazing. Obviously it's very progressive in that a lot of companies are still in the pre-pandemic idea that you have to be in an office, but MODMO’s really going with the flow in that you can be wherever you want, you can work from home if you want to, you can go into the office when you want to. It's very in line with a post-pandemic workplace.

This is a company I see myself working at, for a very long time. I really believe in the MODMO mission and its ethos, and just what it's doing as a company, I'm really there for it… I feel like it's a company that really values its people and wants them to grow and I'm ready for it. I'm really happy to be here.

Are you a bicycle enthusiast yourself?

Yes I used to ride bicycles for years, I grew up riding bicycles… The last year is the only year I haven't done it. Basically it's really hard to ride a bicycle in Saigon and also it's far too hot. I had a beautiful bike in Singapore and my bike that I had in England is with a friend at the moment - I lent it to her.

What are your thoughts on the concept of sustainable living (a big part of our vision at MODMO)?

This idea that just because something is, doesn't mean it has to be is huge.

Think about it, even 10 years ago being vegan was a really weird thing. Or 15 years ago, you know what I mean? Everyone thought: “Well, people eat meat and that's just how things go.” But actually it doesn't have to be like that.

And there are just so many things like that, where if you can think of something differently, or “rethink” the way you do something, there's a huge potential for positive change.

NOTE: check out MODMO’s “RETHINK” series for more on how we are re-imagining the way we do things, our industry and our internal operations, as well as examples of other companies, organisations and individuals doing the same.

Do you have anything you want to say to our customers?

I think the biggest thing is that MODMO is a startup company, it was founded about two years ago. As a company we've been on quite a steep learning curve and we're finally in a position to kind of ramp things up. I think the biggest thing to say now is “watch this space”. We're very excited for the year ahead - we’ve got a lot of things that we’re very excited to hopefully be announcing soon.

What can MODMO customers expect from you in the coming months?

Basically, more production updates and more communication… and some exciting things to come!

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