MODMO’s prices are going up but that’s only part of the story

Our prices are going up so if you haven't ordered your Saigon S, now is the time!

From October 1st, the Saigon S will be selling for €2249 and the Saigon+ will be increased to €2999.

This is in part due to the costs of production, logistics, and raw materials which have increased exponentially over the last 12 months. Although we have tried to absorb as much as possible, sadly we are not immune to these price increases.

However, this is just part of the story. In order to ensure our bikes are more accessible to you and to provide a greater level of service and aftermarket support to our valued customers, our bikes will be available through a network of dealers across Europe in 2022.

Saigon S - visit the product page to get in quick before October the 1st!

This will mean more accessibility to our bikes at locations on the ground and a variety of options for purchasing your MODMO ebike or accessing a bike through a subscription partner, that add to the service we currently provide through our online e-commerce store.

There will also be more touch points and more comprehensive support available through our service partners who can provide real-time, face to face interactions with our customers. More on this to come!

We will continue to sell online in conjunction with our new offline channels and our customer service team is on hand to answer any technical or other questions you may have. As always, please feel free to reach out to them at and follow us on Facebook or join our email newsletter (see our signup form at the bottom of the home page) for regular updates.

NOTE: prices paid by existing customers who have already pre-ordered a Saigon S or Saigon+ will not be affected by these price changes. Please contact CS with any enquiries about your order.