MODMO Update: Product Update

Welcome to another MODMO update! This week we run through the latest updates and additions to the Saigon bikes - we're talking about new sidelights, kickstand and more. 

Turn on subtitles for German translation.

Key takeaways

    1. The Saigon+ sidelight is being improved! It's much more durable and brighter than the previous version. These new optimized sidelights will come installed on future bikes, and we will ship the new version to any existing customers free of charge.
    2. We can now introduce the addition of a mount on both the Saigon+ and the Saigon S that allows you to install a kickstand on your bike for easy parking.
    3. Everyone should now have received an update notification about your order. If you haven’t, please contact customer support through containing your order number and the email you used when you placed the order.
    4. We will soon have a steady flow of bikes rolling out from our factory which will greatly reduce delivery times in the future.
    5. Our MODMO app: you can choose whether you want to share the data that your bike collects with Modmo - if you do, we will use it to improve functionality and user experience and we assure you that we will not sell your data. You can also choose whether or not you want to join the Modmo community and take part in our Leaderboard.