Enviolo, transforming gear shifting

As ebikes gain popularity worldwide, our industry is forever propelling itself forward.

Innovation is everywhere in an exciting journey towards e-transport becoming the global norm.

Enter RETHINK, a series where we highlight both our own work and the industry players we admire who are re-imagining what e-mobility and the bicycle sector can do.

This month we highlight Enviolo, one of our partners and a leading player in gear hub technology. Enviolo has taken gear shifting to a whole new level by removing the need for step changes when moving between gear ratios. This makes your ride smoother, uninterrupted and more intuitive. Let’s take a look at how it works and which Enviolo hub we use on our bikes.

The tech

It all rests on Enviolo's Continuously Variable Planetary (CVP) technology, a system of rotating balls that allows for an infinite number of ratios between incoming pedal power and outgoing power to the wheel.

Through this groundbreaking technology, Enviolo has created a system that transforms the cyclist experience.

To change gears, your controller tilts the balls as they rotate. When your bike is in underdrive, the input disk spins faster than the output disk and the balls tilt towards it, creating a smaller surface of connection between the ball and the input disk than the output disk.

For overdrive, the system leans towards the output disk which spins faster than the input disk. An oil designed specifically for their products passes through a microscopic space between the rotating balls and both disks, transferring torque between the two.

This allows for an infinite number of gear ratios between pedal power and output within a range of 380%, so there are no clunky jumps between gears - only seamless transitions from one gear to the next.

The Automatiq controller takes it one step further - you simply set your preferred pedalling rate and the hub will shift for you in order to maintain that rate depending on your terrain.

What this means for the rider

All of this means that there is little to no impact on your momentum. Where with conventional gear hubs you would need to step between gears, with Enviolo’s CVP technology you sail from ratio to ratio without feeling a thing.

Everything comes together for a super smooth ride where you and your bike are totally in sync, working together to create the ideal balance of power input and output.

MODMO and Enviolo

Which hub do we use?

We use Enviolo technology in one of our ebike models, the Saigon+, which features the TR Hub and TR controller.

What drive system do we use with it?

One bonus of using gear hubs rather than external drivetrains is their compatibility with belt drives - an alternative to a bicycle chain that cuts out the need for oil and typically requires less upkeep. On the Saigon+, we have paired our Enviolo TR Hub with a Gates 55T/22T- Belt Drive for maximum comfort and agility. We want everything to be jolt-free, stress-free and oil-free.

Where can I buy a Saigon+?

After such a great start last year, the Saigon+ is currently out of stock. We are looking forward to it being available again in 2022. Check out our Saigon+ product page for more about the bike itself and sign up to our email newsletter to stay in the loop about when it will be available for order.

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