The Saigon S and Saigon+ explained

So you want a MODMO ebike, but you’re unsure as to which one? Our ebike models are designed with specific kinds of cyclists in mind, with different specs and different price points, but the same core features that make them sleek, high-performance machines.

Ideal for the everyday commuter, the Saigon S comes with all the essentials. It’s built with top-tier core technology, featuring a 6061 Aluminum frame, a long-range battery and 5 power assist levels.

The Saigon+ is great for those who want a little bit more out of their experience. It’s for those who want to stay connected while they ride, with a range of industry-leading parts and accessories, and an easy link-up to our MODMO app.

It’s important to consider where you will be riding and what you need from a bicycle when choosing a MODMO ebike. Here is a guide to our two ebike models, the benefits of each, and what kind of rider they are suited to.

Features of both models

First of all, let’s establish what is the same about our two ebikes.

  • Frame: both ebikes are built with the same elegant, matte black 6061 Aluminum frame with T6 heat treating. The only difference is that the welds are sanded down on the Saigon+, but are left as they are on the Saigon S.
  • Tyres: both bikes have Kenda 700c x 40 tyres, with K-Shield puncture protection.
  • Front motor: the Saigon+ and Saigon S both feature a powerful 250-watt front motor with 5 power levels, providing the perfect amount of power to get you where you need to go on your terms.
  • Heads-up display: our ebikes both come with a smart handlebar display showing your speed, battery power, trip distance, overall distance, and power level.

  • Hydraulic disc brakes: both ebikes feature powerful dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes, designed to provide stopping power in any conditions, rain, hail or shine.
  • Modular capability: both the Saigon S and the Saigon+ are fully modular, with in-built mod mounts designed to hold a range of MODMO mods. These mods are currently under development and will be available in the coming year.

The Saigon S: for the essential commuter

If you prefer something minimalist, the Saigon S is for you. You’re a city cyclist who rides to work every day, and you want your ebike to be stylish, elegant and functional, but you don’t need all the extras that come with the Saigon+.

This ebike also has a lower price point than the Saigon+, at just €1,999.00 (it is on sale at this price until August the 8th 2022, so visit the Saigon S product page now if you’re interested!)

Here are some of the things that make the Saigon S special:

  • Long-range battery: the battery range of the Saigon S is from 75 km with the potential to take you up to 115 km on a single charge. This range depends on the power level you use, the terrain you cycle, your weight and the ambient temperature.
  • Chain driven: the Saigon S is built with a single-speed chain set and chain, with a 44-18 gear ratio. Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Integrated lighting: this ebike comes with lights integrated into the frame on its front and rear. The rear Bekan LED light sits inside the seat post, emanating from behind a pattern of holes. The front LED light illuminates the area in front of your ebike, not too bright and not too dim.

The Saigon+: for the connected commuter

If you are looking for an ebike that will not only get you from A to B in style, but has plenty of extra parts and gadgets, this is the ebike for you.

You’re an urban cyclist who spends more time on two wheels than the average city bike commuter. You want to stay connected to your ebike, you’re interested in bicycle tech, and you love being able to play with how your ebike looks.

Here are some of the things that stand out about the Saigon+

  • Long-range battery: our ebikes come with different kinds of batteries installed. The Saigon+ has a 17.5Ah battery with a range of 120km that can potentially go further dependent on the conditions in which you cycle, your weight, etc.
  • MODMO app: the Saigon+ is designed to link up to our MODMO app so that you can track data from your ride, customise the lighting on your ebike and use our anti-theft measures. Check out our app page for more information.

  • Gates carbon belt drive: the drive system on the Saigon+ is a CDX High-Performance carbon belt by Gates. This belt system lasts longer than chains, never needs grease and is nearly maintenance free. We paired it with a CDN Urban s15 crank set for optimum performance. Read more about Gates’ carbon belt drive here.
  • Enviolo rear hub: this piece of groundbreaking technology by Enviolo transforms gear shifting. Change gear ratio any time, in any ride condition, without having to stop pedalling or backpedal. You can find out more about the Enviolo hub in this article.
  • Integrated lighting: the Saigon + has the same integrated front and rear lights as the Saigon S - the rear Bekan LED light inside the seat post, and the bright, front LED light. Added to this, there are lights on the end of each handlebar that glow whatever colour on the RGB scale you choose via the app, keeping you visible from all angles.

NOTE: This ebike is currently out of stock. We will have more soon so be sure to watch this space! You could also sign up to receive updates.