The commuter kit - what every cycle commuter needs

From the right shoes to the ideal backpack, there are a number of things that make cycle commuting easier and more enjoyable. Here is a rundown of our top tips for things to bring when commuting on two wheels, for the best possible experience on the way to work.

Bright, practical gear

First and foremost, make sure you’re kitted out with the kind of gear that will keep you comfortable and easy to see. There are plenty of accessories you can wear to add to your visibility without having to bring extra clothes with you for your journey to and from work.

First, invest in a safe, bright helmet. Here are a few brands that we love:

You may also want to buy some proper cycling shoes. Here are a few pairs that are ideal for the average cycle commuter:

Finally, consider buying a cycling jacket, particularly for the winter months, that you can wear over your work clothes (or over cycling clothes, whatever you prefer!).

Cycling sunglasses

A good pair of cycling sunglasses is essential for any bicycle commute - being able to clearly see the road ahead of you is just as important as being clearly visible to other road users. We love the Shimano CE-SQRE1 Glasses, a lightweight, strong and durable pair of glasses with full UV400 protection.

Repair kit

Having a great repair kit is also important when you head out on two wheels, commuting or not. This can be as simple as a set of Allen keys and a small, portable bicycle pump. Our bicycles come with a lot of this - in the box you will find an Allen key, an eccentric bottom bracket adjustment tool and a spanner.

Comfortable bag

Definitely find yourself a comfortable backpack with which to bring your belongings with you when you cycle to work. You may want to go with something cheap and reliable, perhaps your workplace has given you a backpack to use, but you could also invest in a cycling backpack to optimise your agility on the road. Here are a few we love:

Rain wear

Finally, buy yourself something for wet weather so that you can commute to work  rain or shine. The backpacks above are all waterproof, so your belongings will remain dry, but what about you? There are plenty of jackets and sets out there that you could invest in to keep yourself dry and warm in the rainy winter months. Check out our list of great cycling jackets for some ideas.