Why we use a belt drive?

What is a belt drive?

A belt drive is an energy delivery technology that transmits power from your pedals to your wheels with incredible efficiency. It is made from a carbon-reinforced, nylon band, and is immensely strong and durable. It is a premium product fitted to every SAIGON as standard and carries several advantages over old-fashioned chains:  

  • Durability
    A CDX belt drive is almost maintenance-free and offers up to four times the service life of a chain; that's about 30,000 km.

  • Little to no maintenance
    Unlike a chain, it cannot rust or stretch, and doesn't need regular oiling or greasing.

  • Smooth and silent
    The nylon belt on aluminium sprockets results in a super-smooth drivetrain that is almost silent, doesn't slip, and is lighter and more efficient.

  • Clean
    Because there is no need for lubrication, this eliminates the greasy mess that chains are known for, putting an end to grease marks on trouser legs. Belts tend to shed the dirt and grit that sticks to chains, making them smoother to run.

When we designed the SAIGON to be smooth, silent, maintenance-free and efficient, the Gates CDX belt drive was the natural choice. The premium choice fitted to every SAIGON!