How To: Connect to the Saigon+ app

Every MODMO customer with a Saigon+ bike has the option of connecting to our MODMO app. The App can be found in the App Store or Google Play - search for “MODMO” and you will find it under “lifestyle” with a black MODMO logo.

NOTE: the MODMO app is currently only compatible with the Saigon+

Register your bike

Step 1: Make an account. Download the app and click “create account”. You can use both IOS and Android to download the app.

Step 2: Input your name, email, phone number and choose a password.

Step 3: The app will send a verification email to your email address. Click “activate” and then head back to your app and log in.

Step 4: Register your ebike. You will need your Bluetooth on for this step. Pull down on the main screen and the app will ask you to register a new ebike. You can also tap the user icon, then “manage ebike” and finally the plus icon to add a new bike.

Step 5: Now touch the “scan now” button. Scan the QR code under the handlebars of your Saigon+ or the one on your battery charger. Alternatively, you can manually input the code found next to the QR code.

Step 6: Click ‘ok’ and the app should link up to your ebike. You will hear a beep from your bike indicating a successful connection, and then you will be able to see the bike settings on the screen.

Explore the app

Now that you have registered your Saigon+, take a look around. Here is a rundown of the features you will have access to through your MODMO app.

Data tracking

Track stats from your rides through the MODMO app - things like calories burned, your average speed and the C02 you’ve saved. You can also monitor your battery’s charge through the app.


When you park your Saigon+, you have the option of locking it to a location.

Press the “lock” button on your app and the app will set up an alarm system where if your ebike is moved even a little bit it will send a notification to your phone, flash its lights and emit an alarm.

If it is then further moved, the ebike will disable its motor system. You will also be able to track the bike’s location in-app.


You have the option to compare your stats to those of other MODMO users via the leaderboard function in our app. Keep yourself accountable, set goals and motivate improvement, stay in tune with the MODMO community. At the same time if this isn’t for you, you can disable the feature and stay off the grid.

Ebike configuration

Your app also has the ability to adjust some of the features of your Saigon+. Change the sidelight colour and the brightness of your front light via in-app controls.