Nice Cap Mate

Battery Cap V2023

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that make all the difference.

Good and bad.

Like removing a single card from the bottom row of a house of cards.

Or pulling a tiny thread on your jumper.

Or going for “just one” biscuit from the tin.

Then all of a sudden, what seemed like a fairly innocent decision, is a complete disaster and everything comes crashing down around you.

And so it was for Modmo in 2022.

A battery cap with a chamfered-edge lock, instead of dead-bolt style lock.

(It’s worth adding in here that Modmo now has new owners, so we are unaware of the decisions made or motivations behind this change)

But we do know it has caused a lot of stress and upset for customers, which we do get, do understand and are doing something about.

Whatever the reasons for the change in battery cap components, what we are able to control and manage is how to resolve the issue.

Not far from where Modmo is now based in Northern Ireland, is one of the world’s best CNC companies.  It’s the place all the big aerospace, automotive and loads of other industries go to when they have an “impossible” manufacturing problem.

You know the kind of problem that’s been looked at by loads of experts but just cant be sorted?  These guys then sort it!

So it was a non-starter deciding who to work with, and quite quickly they had a prototype that needed two iterations before being finalised.

Sounds simple.
It was and wasn’t.

But now we’ve got a robust, complaint and safe battery cap that’s easy to install and will get all those stationary Modmo’s rolling again.

If you’ve got a Modmo that’s currently a glorified clothes hanger or taking up space in the garage, the first step is to actually identify if your bike has a faulty battery cap, then go ahead and replace it if so.

Follow the guide below and of course any queries or help needed feel free to drop us a message at

The cap can be purchased here and use code MDBTCP50 for 50% off and free global shipping.

How to Check & Replace Battery Cap

1. Turn the bike upside-down

We recommend that you put a towel or cloth underneath the handlebar display to protect the screen.

2. Remove battery from frame

Turn key and pull battery out.

3. Once removed, turn key so locking bolt is visible

You should now be able to easily identify whether your battery cap is V1.0 or V1.2 by checking the bolt.


If the bolt is a “Dead Bolt” cylindrical type then you have version V1.0. Your battery cap is approved and ok to ride. Happy Cycling!


If the bolt is “Door Latch” with an angled, chamfered edge you have version V1.2. There is a risk your battery cap may disengage.

4. Remove cap from battery

Locate 4 bolts, fully loosen using a 2.5mm allen key to remove the cap.

5. Replace with new battery cap

Using the x4 bolts supplied* reattached the new cap to the battery.

* use the bolts supplied with new battery cap to reattach to battery. They are longer and ensure the cap is attached to battery correctly.

6. Refit Battery into frame

Place battery back into frame, making sure fully inserted.

7. Secure battery with frame bolts

All frame sizes can fully secure the battery with one bolt inserted from non-drive side and one at rear of downtube. Large frames can also add a third bolt on the drive side.

Turn on,
Pedal off
Ride Happy

We realise there’s work to do to regain trust in Modmo but hopefully this is the first step.

Riding your Modmo, remembering how much fun it is and getting a smile back on your face is definitely a step (or pedal) in the right direction.


Cheers for now

Modmo // Andrew