Solar System


Introducing the future, innovation like you’ve almost never seen before, a revolutionary next step in the e-mobility sector.

We present to you The Solar System. Powered by the sun, our next generation eBike is the only eBike that is not only good for the planet, but in tune with it too.


Only available to order April 1st

Heavenly Powered,
Solar and Lunar alike

MODMO has successfully implemented the evolutionary next step in harnessing the power from the Sun - directly and indirectly.

Anyone who hasn't been living under a rock for the last few hundred years may have learnt that the Moon reflects light from the Sun.

Our panels, integrated with the latest advancement in nanotechnology, can now absorb energy from both the Sun and, not much less, the Moon, keeping your bike automatically and perpetually fully charged, as long as it's under the sky, day and night.

We call this - Solunar Energy™.


Happy April 1st!

We're not usually ones to follow the crowd, but some traditions just can't be ignored. April Fools' Day has been going for centuries and we couldn't resist taking part to produce something truly awe-inspiring – if a little useless if you're from somewhere as grey as Ireland is today. Wind-power is next but that might be faced with some resistance.