How to care for your MODMO ebike

MODMO’s ebikes are built to last, but there are definitely some key things you can do for your bike to keep it safe, clean and ticking over. Here is a rundown of how to care for your ebike, from the minds of our R&D team.

Check the tyres

Every time you come home from a ride, give your tyres a quick once-over. Check the tread surface itself for any road debris - thorns, glass, sharp stones, etc - and check the tyre pressure. Make sure your tyres are inflated a suitable amount but don’t overdo it. Road tires typically require 80 to 130 psi (pounds per square inch), and the more you weigh, the higher within this range your tyre pressure needs to be.

Look after the battery

It is important for you to keep your battery at 30% - 60% charge in order to ensure maximum performance over time, so rather than let it totally deplete every time you come home from a ride, keep topping it up so that you remain within this range.

This becomes particularly essential if there are large gaps of time between your rides, where the battery power could run low and stagnate. You want to store your battery at about 60% charge during periods of time when you don’t use your bike, which could mean checking in every month or so and charging it up accordingly.

Care for the drive system

Make sure you keep your drive system fully operational by cleaning it or applying grease, depending on whether you have the Saigon+ or Saigon S. The Saigon+ comes with a carbon belt drive, which doesn’t require grease to operate. You do want to ensure that no sand or grit gets stuck in it though as it could affect its performance, so do a quick once-over after your ride.

The Saigon S is chain driven, which means you may want to apply grease now and then. The only concern with this is getting oil on the brake discs or the sprocket - make sure you apply grease where the chain runs freely, away from these areas, and remove excess with a soft rag.

Keep it clean

Something you will probably want to do is keep your bike looking spic and span, cleaning off dirt and mud from your adventures. It’s important to be careful when you do this, using only water or bike shampoo and avoiding steam cleaners or high-pressure cleaners as they could damage the bike.

We would recommend using water, a cloth or a soft sponge and cleaning your bike after every trip so that the dirt is easier to wash off. Always remove the battery before cleaning your ebike, make sure the mod-caps are tightly closed to protect the charging port and be careful around the display.

Keep it safe

Ensure that you store your MODMO ebike carefully. Find a dry, shaded area where your bike will stay out of the elements and won’t be knocked around or scratched. You could always keep your box and store your bike in the box if you won’t use it for a while. Make sure that nothing gets damaged as you put it into the box and don’t let parts of the bike knock other parts.

You will also want to ensure that you don’t lose any pieces from the bike - the mod-caps, the Mod Nut adapter, etc - and don’t over-tighten bolts when you adjust the seat or accessories.

Tools: To help you care for your MODMO ebike, we provide a toolbox with all our orders, carrying extra lights and reflectors, a Y-shaped allen key carrying M4, M5 and M6 to open your fenders, saddle, etc, one spanner, and an eccentric BB for adjusting the tension of the belt and chain.


Finally, if you’re not sure how to care for your ebike or if something breaks or needs to be replaced, please get in touch with our customer service team at for assistance. Our R&D team is on hand to answer your questions via our CS agents and find service partners to help you if necessary.