How to rent or test-ride a MODMO ebike with ListNRide

We recognise that for some, it’s easier and more financially viable to rent your favourite ebike than buy it. So we partnered with ListNRide to bring you rental solutions and test rides for our MODMO ebikes.

What is ListNRide?

ListNRide is an online library of more than 50,000 bicycles across Europe and around the world, available for renting, test riding, and on a subscription basis.

They stock anything from city cruisers to high-end mountain bikes and, of course, ebikes like ours, for you to subscribe to or try out in a once-off trial.

Most trial bikes are supplied by their bicycle companies, but there is the opportunity for bike owners to offer their bikes for test rides too and earn money from their listing.


How to rent a Saigon S

The rental process is simple - you choose your bike, your city and follow the prompts to select the rental duration and fill in your details. You can rent an ebike with ListNRide for as long as you want, depending on your needs and the availability of the bike.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Find a bike by searching by type and location. You can find our Saigon S here.
  2. Request and reserve the Saigon S for a specific time and date by clicking through the prompts on the bike’s product page.
  3. Collect your Saigon S at your closest ListNRide outlet.
  4. Enjoy your ride!
  5. Return your Saigon S to ListNRide at an agreed time and place.

How to book a test ride

To book a test ride, tap twice on the day you want to rent rather than opting for a range of days. This will select collect and return on the same day. Then choose your pick up and return hour, and click on "Add to Booking". From here, follow the prompts to rent your ebike for a test ride.

We currently have a one hour free test ride promotion available. Simply choose your one hour slot and continue as normal, you won’t be charged at all. What better way to experience a MODMO ebike.

How to subscribe to a Saigon S

To subscribe to a Saigon S, navigate to the Saigon S subscription page.

  1. Choose the duration of time you want to have and use your ebike (three, six, twelve or eighteen months)
  2. Click “subscribe now” and follow the prompts to choose your accessories and fill in your information.
  3. Either opt for your Saigon S to be sent to you, or go to a ListNRide bike store in your city. Currently, you can purchase a subscription to the Saigon S in four cities - Munich, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg - with more locations to come in the coming months.

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