Meet Joyvel Osorio, MODMO’s Video Content Creator

We want to introduce you to our team members, to give you a better idea of who we are at MODMO and how we operate.

This week, we meet Joyvel (Joy) Osorio, our Video Content Creator who joined MODMO in February this year. Joy is an accomplished YouTuber and videography-master from Venezuela, who is now based with our team on the ground in Ireland. He runs his own YouTube channels about building RC aeroplanes - one in Spanish and one in English.

We sat down for a chat to hear all about his professional background, his hobbies and his role at MODMO.

MODMO: What is your professional background - how did you get into videography?

Joy: It all started when I was a child - my father is a professional photographer and he taught me photography since I was a little child. So I've been using a professional photography camera, with film - I used film, like black and white film - since I was maybe five years old, or even less. I remember going with my dad to the darkroom to develop the pictures and everything.

Then it evolved into making videos, because then I got bored at some point of making pictures - I wanted them to move. So I saved to buy a video camera. I started making videos, I started editing them in old VHS. I was inputting the video from the camera into the VHS and then inputting the sound or the music from an audio player and editing in real time in the VHS.

Then of course, I bought a computer and everything evolved to creating videos in general. After that, I started working for the Venezuelan government, it was like a press department for the government and I was a cameraman. Then they put me as a video editor, and so on, then I moved to another TV station and I also freelanced for other agencies.

MODMO: What made you want to join the MODMO team?

Joy: It was very interesting, the way the role was advertised. I saw videos about the company and what Jack was doing, and the idea behind MODMO, and his story was very convincing.

Then I had an interview with Damien, my current boss, and Jack, and they had a lot of ideas and projects that we're working on now. I thought it was perfect for me. I like things where I feel that I'm doing something for the planet or for someone else, and at MODMO we're doing something that matters for someone else and the planet, you know? That's something that is really important for me. Apart from that, of course, is the fact that I'm doing what I love - making videos.

MODMO: What is your role at MODMO now?

Joy: On a daily basis, I make content, video content, and that includes having the idea, then writing the idea down, and then executing it. This idea can be a vlog video, it could be a brand video, it could be, you know, many different kinds of videos.

I also have to help editing or creating content for social media, video-related stuff, and sometimes it includes creating CGI models of the bike, so 3D renders and things like that.

On the technical side of things, I have to edit the videos, so that includes colour correction and audio manipulation. It's very broad. But at the end of the day, it’s just creating moving images and sound put together.

So I tell stories about what we're doing. Video is a very good medium to create that, to tell stories, and it's very popular nowadays with social media and YouTube and all those platforms. Video is the perfect way to do this because you can show the product better, you can hear the product, it's more alive that way than just a picture.


MODMO: Are you a bicycle enthusiast yourself?

Joy: Yes! Back in Venezuela, I wasn't a pro cyclist or something like that, but whenever I had the opportunity I got my bike and went somewhere. I remember going to a mountain one time but it was a very steep slope and it was not very safe to go there so I fell a couple of times, you will see that in one of my MODMO videos. But it was me just testing the bike and everything.

When I came to Ireland, I used a bike as a transportation method for commuting. Of course, I bought a very cheap bike, because this is the kind of bike you will leave in the street and if it's a fancy bike, someone will steal it or they will steal parts of it. But it worked for me. I saved a lot of money commuting.

So I'm not a professional biker, I just like it. You save money and also you are exercising a little bit, and it's good for the planet. I like to keep that in mind whenever I'm using a bicycle, and it's great. I feel good.

MODMO: What can customers expect from you in the coming months?

Joy: Well, there is a lot of content that I'll be putting out. We have several categories: there is a category of vlogs - for vlogs, I have more freedom, so customers can expect very interesting content - and there's also brand videos and How To videos. How To videos are more technical and for brand videos, I'll make very, very cinematic videos.

Joy has been working on videos for YouTube, for our website and for ad campaigns. Check out his work on our YouTube channel (and hit subscribe for regular updates!)