Modmo - A new (and improved) journey

Great news eBike enthusiasts!

Modmo is back better than ever, moving effortlessly forward under new ownership.

Previous product problems have been solved so you can be certain of a safe ride from the start.

Last year, for a number of reasons, including a recall due to concerns over battery cap safety, Modmo Technologies Limited went into liquidation.

This is never a great outcome – the brand loses exposure, staff lose jobs, and most importantly, customers lose support and backup.

We understand this and realise seeing Modmo reappearing in 2023 is, at best, confusing and, at worst, frustrating.

So we’re trying to be as open, honest and transparent as possible to make sure everyone knows what’s going on and expectations are aligned.

Here are the black and white facts…

Earlier this year, in legal terms, the brand assets of Modmo Technologies Limited were acquired by Hadebu Ltd.

The brand has a new owner, and a totally new location and team behind it.

Separate and independent from the previous owners.

The reality of what that means could leave existing customers being left high and dry with no support or backup.

But that’s not really how we work round here.

For sure, we can’t offer full warranty terms, but we will help out assist where we can and even offer heavily discounted parts if needed.

The very obvious assistance needed right now is for all the Modmo bikes currently being used as clothes horses and garage ornaments.

As part of our offer to buy the Modmo brand, we said we’d help existing customers with a fix to their bike affected by the battery cap problem.

We have a solution to the battery cap issue – designed and manufactured in Northern Ireland by one of the worlds leading CNC companies (it’s where the big companies go when something “can’t” be made) – that is quick and easy to install and makes the bikes fully compliant and safe to ride.

Like a lot of you, we admired Modmo and loved what an innovative and exciting brand it was and the range of bikes they offered.  This still stands and we’ll work our socks off to get you back into that zone again.

You can buy the replacement cap here

Use code MDBTCP50 and you’ll get 50% off and free shipping anywhere in the world.

We’re excited to see where this goes but promise the first step is supporting you to get the bikes dusted off and going again.

Kudos to all who’ve been in touch over the last few weeks, interacted on social media (good, bad and ugly comments all welcome and understood) and overall seem glad to see Modmo return again.


Feel free to email any time with queries or questions.


Cheerio for now

Modmo // Andrew + Davy