MODMO Update: Battery Performance

Welcome to another MODMO update! This week, we take you up close and personal with our patented MODMO batteries. You may have seen our previous video about how to charge your bike's battery and how to take it out of the bike and reinstall it again - now, we’re going to dig a little bit deeper into the technical aspects of the battery and talk about what all this means to you in practical use.

Turn on subtitles for German translation.

Key takeaways

  1. In saying up to 200km we are referring to using assistance levels 1 to 2. Higher levels will result in a shorter range.
  2. The Saigon+ has a battery with a capacity of 17.5Ah, weighing 3.2 kgs, while the battery in the Saigon S has a capacity of 10.5Ah and weighs 2.1 kgs.
  3. You can charge our batteries 1,000 times before the capacity is reduced to 80%.
  4. All MODMO batteries are compatible across our models. We have 3 different battery options available on our website with different capacities.
  5. Our batteries are "Smart Batteries" - read more on our battery product page.