So you want a Saigon ebike, but what’s the difference?

At MODMO you have the choice of two ebike models: the Saigon+ and the Saigon S.

Both bikes share the same high-end, cutting edge foundation and core technology, but they were designed with their own particular rider in mind and  have a range of their own unique features too.

So which Saigon ebike is for you?

It all comes down to what you want to use your bike for. How far will you be cycling? Where do you ride, are you in the city or the suburbs? What do you look for in a bike, are you a minimalist or do you want a bike with all the gadgets?

Here is a rundown of all the ways in which our two ebikes are similar, how they differ, and who they are for.

The Same Core High-Performance Parts

Aluminum frame

The Saigon+ and Saigon S are both built with the same aluminum frame. They differ slightly in terms of how the welds are treated, the Saigon+ has sanded welds to give the frame a seamless carbon fibre appearance while the Saigon S has its beautifully crafted welds fully visible, but the shape and build of the frames are the same strong, sleek design. Made from pure 6061 Aluminum with T6 heat treating, our frames form the foundations of our ebikes.

Integrated MODMO lighting

Both the Saigon S and the Saigon+ come with the same MODMO-integrated front and rear lighting. Built from two LED strips, our front light is carefully angled so that it illuminates the road in front of you without shining into the eyes of oncoming traffic. On the rear, the Bekan keeps you visible from inside the seat post.

Check out this article for more about the Bekan and how it was designed.

250W motor

Both our ebike models come with a powerful 250 watt motor with 5 levels of assistance. Switch between these levels to travel as fast as you like, as far as you like, with as much effort as you want to put in.

Aluminum wheels with no-puncture tyres

Both our ebikes are made with the same 6061 Aluminum wheels and Kenda tyres with K-Shield puncture protection. This technology makes it that much harder for your ebike to sustain damage so you can ride with ease, not worrying too much about where you put your wheels.

Heads-up display

Something unique to our Saigon ebikes is the heads up display on the top of the handlebars which you can use to track your ride in real time as you cycle. The display shows you your speed, distance cycled, battery level and more.

Hydraulic disk brakes

Our Saigon ebikes are both built with powerful dual-piston hydraulic disk brakes, which allow you to slow down and stop reliably no matter the weather conditions.

Modular mobility

Finally, both our Saigon+ and our Saigon S are fully compatible with all of our modular accessories. We have a range of mods in the pipeline which all suit different needs, from a pannier rack and a child seat to a delivery box, a trailer and a front basket. All are currently in development, with some set to be released early next year. Check out this article for more about our groundbreaking modular mounts.

A Few Key Differences

Battery range

There is a difference between the batteries included in the Saigon+ and Saigon S when you buy them: the Saigon+ comes with a 200km range battery and the Sagion S comes with a 115km range battery. But both our batteries are compatible with both bikes and you have the option of purchasing them as accessories.

Visit this article on our batteries for more information about purchasing them.

GATES carbon belt drive

One key difference between the Saigon+ and the Saigon S is the drive system used on each bike. The Saigon S is chain-driven, and the Saigon+ is built with a Gates carbon-reinforced belt paired with a CDN Urban s15 crankset for optimum performance.

Enviolo TR hub

The Saigon+ features an Enviolo gear hub that works with the carbon belt drive to bring you seamless movement throughout your gear changes. The Saigon S is built with a single speed gear hub. Neither bike requires gears to function as an ebike, with the 5 levels of power assist from the front motor propelling you forwards no matter the terrain.

Extra Gadgets

If you’re after a bike with gadgets, the Saigon+ will likely be for you. The lighting on the Saigon+ is a little more complex with red lights at the ends of the handlebars for extra visibility, and the bike comes with GPS, 4G and Bluetooth technology which allow you to connect to your MODMO app. Through the app, you can monitor your ride in real time. For more on our MODMO app check out this article on how to set the app up and how to use it.


Which one is for you?

So now you’ve read all about our two ebikes, which one suits you best? It all depends on your needs as a cyclist, your intended use for the bike, and your personal preferences regarding gadgets and extra tech. Both bikes are built on the same core technology but they differ in significant ways and it’s important to know which bike you want to invest in before you click pre-order.

Below is a table to refer to for a direct comparison of the two bikes. If you have any further questions in making this decision please feel free to reach out at and our Customer Service team will do their best to help.