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Jobrad turns our MODMO ebikes into company bikes. Employees save money and contribute to saving the planet all at the same time. Find out how below.


Get your dream commuter bike

Save up to 40% on your dream ebike with help from your employer. Simply choose one of our MODMO ebikes and give us a few bits of information and we’ll handle the rest via our Germany-based partners ListNRide.

Once you’ve given us your details, ListNRide will submit your request to your employer’s Jobrad portal. Your employer doesn’t pay anything until your bike is with you safe and sound and you let us know it’s arrived.

Get Started

What do I need to do?

Before you begin, make sure your employer offers JobRad.


Fill out this form with your information and your bike of choice. Please make sure to use your work email address that will be linked to your employer’s Jobrad portal.


Our partners, ListNRide, submit a request to your employer’s Jobrad portal. Your employer then needs to accept this quote.


MODMO processes your order and get your bike delivered to you as soon as possible.


You let us know that your bike has arrived safe and sound so we can then process the invoice.

How does Jobrad work?

Find your dream bike with MODMO and let your company know. Your company then leases the bicycle through JobRad on your behalf, and you head off on two wheels, riding whenever you want - to work, for sport, in everyday life or on vacation.

Thanks to tax incentives, you save up to 40% compared to the classic purchase - or even more if your employer gives you a subsidy.

Listnride is our commercial partner for Jobrad: if you buy a MODMO ebike through Jobrad, the Listnride teams will take care of the order processing. So if you have any questions about the ordering process, please contact

If you have a question about the bike or delivery, please contact

If your employer doesn’t offer Jobrad

Your employer doesn’t offer JobRad yet? Why not let them know about our exciting new scheme and ask them to join. As soon as your company has concluded a free framework agreement with JobRad, you and your colleagues can get access to the bikes you are excited to ride.

NOTE: self-employed workers can also use JobRad: JobRad for the self-employed.

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