What makes MODMO’s ebikes so great for your daily commute?

MODMO’s ebikes are streamlined to suit the daily commuter, with a range of features to make your ride to work that much easier and more enjoyable.

We have built our ebikes with some essentials that will get you smoothly from A to B without breaking a sweat (unless you want to!). Here is a rundown of what makes our ebikes so great for your commute, and how to trial or buy your own.

Powerful pedal assist + long-range battery

Both our Saigon+ and Saigon S bicycles come with 5 levels of power assist, generated by a powerful front motor. If you cycle using the highest pedal assist level, your MODMO ebike will be able to get you to a baseline of 25 kilometres per hour plus whatever you push yourself to under your own pedal power.

This enables you to get to work quickly, without having to sweat (unless, as we mentioned above, you want to push yourself). Cycle quickly to work in your work clothes, arrive with time to spare and don’t worry about having to shower when you get there.

The batteries that power your ebike’s motor and in-built tech are designed to be long-range. The battery in the Saigon+ lasts for an average of 120km on one single charge, while the battery in the Saigon S lasts for around 75 - 115km. When depleted, simply plug it in via the frame and it will be ready to go again in around 4 hours. For more on how to charge your MODMO ebike’s battery check out this article.

Stay safe on and off the road

Another useful aspect of our Saigon+ and Saigon S ebikes is the integrated lighting system that both bicycles come with.

With our ebikes, you don’t have to remember to attach spare bicycle lights - simply turn on the front light or rear Bekan tail light, using our handlebar system, if and when you need them. There is also no need to worry about having your bicycle lights stolen or damaged while you are in the office as everything is built inside the handlebars and seat post.

Our anti-theft software, a GPS-based system for the Saigon+ that connects to your MODMO app, adds another layer of assurance when leaving your ebike while you work. (NOTE: this feature is specific to the Saigon+).

Click “lock” on your app to virtually lock your ebike in place. If it is moved, even slightly, an alarm will go off and your phone will be notified.

Cycle to work without that extra stress and stay visible on the road while you ride.

Commute in style

Finally, your MODMO ebike is designed to be streamlined so that you can commute in comfort and style. Both our ebike models are built to be beautiful bikes - something you would be proud to cycle around your city.

The frames are matte black with a stylish smooth finish, the Kenda tyres are sleek and subtle and the smart handlebars are built with neutral colours to blend in with the rest of the ebike. Ride a bike that is not only a pleasure to cycle, but looks great as you ride.

Where to buy, subscribe to or trial your MODMO ebike?

To purchase your own Saigon+ or Saigon S please check out our product pages, or visit ReBike for a subscription to ride our Saigon S. You can also book a test ride here.