How To: charge the battery

You can charge your MODMO ebike in two different ways: through the front port while the battery remains inside the bike, or by plugging it directly in after you’ve taken it out of the bike. This second method may be most relevant if you don’t have the ability to bring your entire bike to a power port.

What you will need:

  • The key to your battery lock Your battery charger

Charge the battery through the front port

To charge your ebike battery without removing it from the bike:

    1. Remove the mod-cap by turning the fastener two or three rounds and sliding off the mod-cap

    2. Remove the protective cap that covers the charging port. This cap is magnetic and can be taken off easily with the back side of the mod cap

    3. Insert the charger

    4. The light on the charger will remain red until the battery is fully charged, when it will turn green. You can also see the charging status on the handlebar screen.

    Remove the battery to charge it

    Another way to charge your battery is to remove it from the frame altogether. To do so:

      1. Flip the ebike upside down or lay it on its side, being mindful of where the bike touches the ground so that you don’t get any scratches

      2. Flip open the protective cap and insert the key, turning it clockwise to unlock the battery from the frame

      3. Lift the handle on the battery cap up to release an internal locking mechanism

      4. Once you have lifted the handle, push the little pin on the side of the down tube in, and pull your battery out. (Note, do not push the pin in too far as it may displace the pin inside the locking unit)

      5. Plug in the charger at the base of the battery and wait for the red light to turn green.