5 experiences to have with your MODMO ebike in 2022

As 2022 progresses and the COVID pandemic evolves, countries all over the world are opening up, giving us more freedom to move around. This is the year of adventure!

We wanted to give you some ideas for experiences to embrace with your Saigon ebike this year. Here are some suggestions from our MODMO team, from changing the way your workplace commutes to exploring your own backyard.

Go on a touring adventure

First on the list is touring. Take your Saigon ebike on a road trip! Hit the map and plan out a route, allowing for hotel stops or packing your own tent and equipment to explore on the wild side.

Touring by bicycle can be a fun way to get out and enjoy the countryside around your city. It can take some preparation though, both for your bicycle and for your own fitness and endurance. Spend as much time on your bike as possible before planning your adventure so that you are ready for a long-distance ride with variable terrain. It’s also a good idea to train in different types of weather, just to get used to how your body responds.

Some of the fitness demands of bicycle touring will be offset if you ride an ebike, since you will be able to use power assist when your body is too tired to take the strain. Make sure your battery is fully charged and your bicycle prepped for the road, with your tyres properly inflated (we recommend 80 to 130 psi, noting that the more you weigh, the higher within this range your tyre pressure needs to be) and all your lighting and reflectors adjusted.

Finally, prepare your gear. It’s important to make sure you bring what you need for a range of weather conditions, including wet weather gear and a pair of warm, waterproof cycling gloves. You may want to pack repair tools if you’re going into more remote areas.

Compete against your personal best

One of the most rewarding experiences you can have with your Saigon ebike is to challenge yourself to consistent improvements, be that in fitness and speed or in how much you get out on two wheels.

Apps like Strava are great options for enabling this kind of self-tracking, but if you are a MODMO customer you can also use our app. Our app comes with a range of features that allow you to plan out your routes, monitor your bicycle and track your stats, from C02 saved to your speed, distance and calories burned.

If competing against other MODMO members would help push you even further, you can also use our app's leaderboard feature. Simply choose the timeframe you want to view and see how you match up.

Challenge your colleagues to a commuter overhaul

Use your own two wheels to inspire your colleagues to embrace a cleaner, greener method of getting to work.

This kind of shift could be imperative to building a cleaner, greener planet. In 2020, 7.3 billion metric tons of CO2 was pumped into the atmosphere by our transport sector and it was passenger cars that carried the greatest burden, accounting for 41 percent of global transportation emissions.

Moving to two-wheeled transport is a great way to cut your carbon footprint. Choosing an ebike could be even more beneficial, as you will be able to ride further for longer with less energy expenditure, making the ebike a viable alternative for longer travel as well as daily trips and errands.

Explore your city

But what about outside your commute and daily routine? There is plenty to see and travelling by bicycle is a great way to do so, combining sightseeing with light exercise. Ask your friends to join you and plan out your favourite places to visit around town, setting off together for a day of adventure in your own city.

We have just started a series on cities to visit by bicycle. Check out our guides to Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Antwerp here.

Invest in your ride

Finally, why not make 2022 the year you invest in your bicycle and your cycling experience. Buy that piece of gear you’ve always wanted, give your bike a full service, invest in a spare battery or accessories for your Saigon ebike. We have a few tips for you to get you going - check out this article on our favourite cycling gloves or this story for five essential winter cycling accessories.

2022 can be whatever you make it, so get out and about with your MODMO ebike and enjoy life on two wheels.