Five bike-related gifts for your partner this Valentine's Day

If your partner is a cycling enthusiast, buying them a bicycle-related gift for Valentine’s Day could be a beautiful way to say “I love you”. But what does that look like?

We asked our team what they reckon would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for the average bike lover, and pulled together a list of five ideal gifts to give your partner this year. From gadgets to adventures, we’ve got you covered.

Get them an experience

Perhaps the most personal gift would be an experience that you know your partner will enjoy. There are plenty of bike-related events, festivals or races that you could explore, or you could plan out a touring holiday and take them on an adventure. Take your significant other to something they won’t forget and embrace the experience together.

Buy them a custom top cap

Give your partner’s bicycle a personal touch with a custom made top cap. We found a few that we love by Capped Out and KustomCaps, but there are plenty of options out there, particularly on creative sites like Etsy. Make something truly special that your partner can add to their ride.

Put their favourite route on the wall

We love this one! Head to Trail Maps and map out your partner’s favourite cycling route to be made into a beautiful wall print. Simply visit their site, choose “design your own”, select a type of map and follow the prompts to choose things like colour, the frame and mount, the image you want printed, etc.

Buy them some gear

This is an obvious one: ask your partner what gear they are missing, and buy them something awesome. We made a list of great cycling gloves to choose from here, and some tips for the best winter gear to invest in here, but at the end of the day it may be best to simply check in with your significant other and ask what they want.

Get them something useful

There are plenty of bike-inspired gadgets out there, things like bicycle bottle openers, travel mugs, etc. We particularly like this bicycle multi-tool that combines a box opener, bottle opener, metric ruler, hex wrench, philips screwdriver, angle ruler, flat-head screwdriver and two hex wrenches. Made of zinc alloy and a convenient, miniature size, this tool would be a great addition to your partner’s cycling toolkit.