Revamping Customer Service, and more

Each month we’ll sit down with MODMO CEO, Jack O’Sullivan and hear about what’s been going on behind the scenes at MODMO.

The past month was hectic. We achieved some significant milestones and addressed some of the challenges in our operations with a view to improving your experience with MODMO and our products. Here’s a rundown of the main points.

Our First Deliveries

In my last update I mentioned that our first deliveries had arrived. This was so exciting - we would finally get to see what you think - and your reviews have been really helpful, thank you. We are making a lot of updates in response which we will share with you soon.

One of the challenges we faced when the bikes first arrived was an unforeseen issue with our App and GPS locations which went crazy for the first few days when there were a lot of people registering their accounts. It was because of the backend, the server it was on wasn't set up to handle that much volume at once. It was a simple fix for the app development team but it was a learning curve for sure - something that is now resolved and won’t be an issue going forward.

Production Ramp-Up

We’re always working to bring more production in-house so that we can increase our production volumes whilst maintaining quality and innovation, so we hired probably the most experienced ‘Head of Production’ in all of Vietnam, Nhan.

Nhan joined us after spending the past 3 years with Vietnam’s first homegrown car brand, VinFast, building and operating a BMW engine production plant. Nhan will be leading our most ambitious project ever, so stay tuned for an in depth interview with him to learn what he will be doing for MODMO over the next few months.

Our Frame Factory

Our frame factory which is now largely powered by solar power. Click here to read about how we are reaching sustainability goals together.

Expansion of Our Customer Service Team

We have met many challenges related to our customer service in the past 6 months so we have been taking steps to strengthen the team, doubling the team size and bringing on Jan, the head of Customer Experience.

Jan spent the past 8 years at Apple and before that was at HP in technical customer service, so I reckon he knows a thing or two about ensuring customer happiness. One of the things that really makes him stand out is his experience with tangible products - I interviewed a lot of people from tech companies like Facebook for example but they had never dealt with the issues that come with a physical product - there’s a difference between dealing with a customer who was tagged in a photo of themselves that they don’t like versus a person who relies on their bike for daily transport and needs it fixed right now. Jan’s job will be to ensure an incredible customer experience with Modmo from your first interaction until you ride your Saigon down the aisle at your wedding.

Click here to read about how our tracking system compares to Apple’s AirTags

Click here to read about how our tracking system compares to Apple’s AirTags

Jan is also German and has spent 8 years in Ireland, which is great because we are an Irish company, and a large portion of our customer base is German and we wanted to have a leader in the team who can empathize with their concerns.

Jan will be leading the team in everything from customer service to ensuring our logistics partners deliver your bike with a smile on their face. He will also be the voice of the customers within our organization, making sure that people have really good experiences the whole way.

We are aiming to be more and more proactive in this sense. Before now, our CS team simply didn't have the resources to keep up with the number of inquiries we received, especially around when our first delivery arrived and inquiries peaked.

Several issues came at once. One, we hadn't finished developing the feature where you could register your bike with the app yourself so people had to contact us to do that (fyi, this feature is fully developed and enabled now so you can go ahead and register). Two, it was also at the same time when we had a delay so, naturally, people had questions. Then three, the number of inquiries about where peoples bikes were, asking for tracking information, etc, rose. We did our best to address every contact we received but our response time definitely increased to longer than we’re happy with.

Thank you very much for your patience. Going forward, with our expanded team, you can expect top notch service. If you have any questions please email CS at