How To: adjust the handlebar

Your ebike will come with the handlebar fixed sideways so that the bike doesn’t get damaged during the shipping process. You will need to straighten it before riding.

What you will need:

  • The M5 allen key on the tool that came with your ebike

Adjust the handlebar:

To straighten the handlebar:

    1. Loosen the two screws locking the handlebar in place, one on either side of the top cap, by turning the allen key counterclockwise

    2. Check the position of your handlebar. A good way to do this is to ensure the centre of the handlebar is in the centre of the wheel. The two should be perpendicular to each other.

    To fix the handlebar in place:

      1. Turn the screws clockwise. Make sure you alternate between the screws as you tighten them to ensure that they are balanced

      2. Tighten them firmly but do not force it to avoid overturning and damaging the screws