How To: remove and reinstall the front wheel

Removing and installing the front wheel on your MODMO ebike is slightly complicated, but with this guide you should be able to safely install or remove it on your own.

What you will need:

  • Wrench,
  • 16mm Allen key, M4
  • Mod-nut adapter

Removing the wheel

To remove the wheel:

    1. Disconnect the front motor cable. To get access to this cable, undo the hook washer that is holding it back on the inside of the fork with an M4 Allen key.

    2. When the cable is free from the hook washer, use your fingers to carefully pull the plug apart, making sure not to bend the connectors in the plug, and angle it safely away from the fork.

    3. Once the motor is disconnected, loosen the wheel nuts on both sides, using the mod-nut adapter and the 16mm wrench. To loosen the nut, turn the wrench anticlockwise.

    4. When the bolts and washers come loose, remove them. Take note of the order in which they came off – we recommend taking a picture on your phone for this.

    5. Lift the fork away from the axle, being careful not to bend or damage the wheel in the process and place the bike on something that won’t scratch the fork when putting it down.

    Installing the wheel

    To install the wheel again:

      1. Make sure the wheel is facing the right way with the motor cable on the right-hand side of the bike.

      2. Before putting the bike back on the wheel axle, check that the axle is also turned the right way - because of the fork, the axle has to be turned upwards and at a slight angle.

      3. Mount the fork onto the axle, ensuring the axle sits fully into the dropouts.

      4. Put on the different washers in the right order on each side of the wheel, followed by the nuts, then use the wrench and your mod-nut adapter to tighten them firmly by turning them clockwise.

      5. Now you can connect the motor cable. It is important to make sure to align the two arrows on each side of the plug for proper connection. There is also a line to indicate when the plug is properly pushed in and connected.

      6. Once the cable is connected, turn the bike on to check that everything works and there is no “error code” displayed on the handlebar display.

      7. Now all that is left to do is to push the motor cable back in behind the hook washer and tighten the cable the bolts to secure the cable to the fork.