Modmo Launches Test Rides in Germany

Modmo has recently launched test riding across Germany and we wanted to explain it all to you, so we caught up with Modmo CEO Jack O'Sullivan to discuss what’s happening, where, and how you can get involved.

Modmo CEO Jack O'Sullivan

First of all, could you establish what the test riding concept is and why Modmo is doing it?

Well we're a direct consumer brand - right now our bikes aren't available to be bought through bike stores - so we wanted to have somewhere you can test ride the bike and List n Ride is a business set up to facilitate test rides for direct consumer bike brands like us.

You book online at our List n Ride page for a full or half day or you can just rent the bike for one or two days and see if you like it or not before you buy it. There is a small fee but If you end up buying a Saigon we will give you a 25 euro gift voucher to cover the cost of trying it out.

Can you also buy our bikes from List n Ride outlets?

No, you can’t buy them directly from List n Ride, however they do provide a click & collect service where you buy the bike from the Modmo website but we have it shipped to their outlet and they will have it assembled and will help familiarise you with your bike. But our bikes arrive with a minimum amount of assembly required so setting it up yourself is super simple. We have also made a video explaining the process:

That’s a good point actually - why do our bikes come already assembled?

The focus with everything at Modmo is on “user experience” so we went with 99% assembled shipping. The industry standard is that you ship a bike and the front wheel is off, the pedals are off, the seat post and handlebars they're all taken apart because I guess that fits in a much, much smaller box, but we just thought it’s an expensive e-bike, let's have it so you can roll it out and it's ready to go. So you just put on the pedals, you know, straighten the handlebars. That's it.

I guess we never want you to get your hands dirty, whether you're putting the bike together or putting on your basket, or removing the battery. Everything has been designed to be simple and hassle-free so that you can just get out and enjoy your bike.

So where will Modmo’s test riding go next? Will we expand outside Germany?

Yeah, for sure, we are actively seeking additional test partners outside of Germany. Also we plan on getting on the road ourselves to meet as many customers as possible with pop-up shops or pop-up events to allow people to really get a feel of the bike for the first time. Obviously this is COVID-dependent but that’s what we’re working towards.

Yeah, as we begin delivering more bikes, we aim to introduce the concept of P2P (peer-to-peer) test-rides. There’ll be more information on that to come, but basically our target for this year is to have test rides in 40 different cities and our customers will have the opportunity to get involved.


The Modmo team will keep you posted as to when and where these new test ride facilities will be available and how you can get involved, but for now if you’re in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Dusseldorf head to List n Ride to try out the Saigon +.

Otherwise, keep watching our social media and reaching out to us with your questions - we love to hear from you.