MODMO Update: FAQ & Product Improvements

Welcome to another MODMO update! This week we will be addressing some of the product feedback we have received lately. We also have some neat product updates to tell you about - so let’s get into it.

Turn on subtitles for German translation.

Key takeaways

  1. Can you lock the MODs to your bike to prevent theft? The MOD-caps are easy to remove by hand, but the MODs themselves cannot simply be undone by hand.

  2. The sound that comes from the freehub when it is not engaged - while it is no louder than our competitors, we recognise it has been an issue for you. The Saigon+ will not feature this freehub as it comes with the Enviolo gear hub.

  3. The angle of the headlight is now adjusted so it shines at a more downward angle and won't shine onto oncoming traffic. It also shines as bright or as dim as you want it to and the sidelights show whichever color you’re in the mood for.

  4. The latest App upgrade brings about two major improvements - you are now able to register your bike on the Modmo app via the serial number, yourself, and you can restart the GPS via the app yourself in the very rare event that the GPS has a connectivity issue.