Top 5 bicycle pumps for MODMO tyres

You won’t get very far as a cyclist without a good, reliable bicycle pump. Whether you’re fixing a leak on the road or topping up your tyres at home, it’s important to keep them at a certain PSI when you ride and a bicycle pump is key to maintaining that healthy air pressure.

There are a range of pump types out there, from mini pumps that go along for the ride to floor pumps that you would keep in the garage. Ideally, you would have one of each, for different situations.

You also need to consider what kind of valve your tyres have. All MODMO ebikes come with a presta valve, and we would recommend that you find a dual-purpose pump that fits both presta and schrader valves as it’s quite rare to find a pump that only fits presta valves.

Here is a series of five pumps that would be ideal for your commute on a MODMO ebike, balancing price with practicality.

Birzman Maha Push & Twist MTB II

We found reviews for a number of Birzman pumps, but this one stood out for its simplicity and sturdy materials. Built with CNC machined aluminum and high polymer, this pump comes with a pressure gauge and a dual head suitable for both Presta and Schrader valves.

  • Capacity: 120 psi / 8.3 bar
  • Pressure bleed button ( CAD ) for ultimate accuracy
  • Push and twist configuration (instructions clearly marked on their website)

PRICE: 56 Euros

Specialized Air Tool Sport

This pump is a sleek-looking floor pump made out of steel, with a reasonably long hose.

  • Capacity: 160 psi / 11 bar
  • SwitchHitter head automatically switches between Schrader and Presta valves.
  • 106 cm hose

PRICE: 45 Euros

Lezyne Sport Floor Drive

A pump with an extra long hose, built with a steel barrel and piston and a tough composite matrix base. The maximum capacity of this pump is 220 psi, well over what we would recommend for our tyres so be mindful when pumping and watch the pressure gauge carefully.

  • Capacity: 220 psi / 15 bar
  • Extra long hose

PRICE: 34 Euros

Silca Tattico Mini-Pump

This is a mini hand pump perfect for taking with you on a ride. You can attach it to your bicycle as you cycle and because the hose and valving is hidden inside the inner tube, you get up to 10% more air per stroke compared to other pumps of a similar length.

  • Capacity: 100psi
  • Weighs 165g 6061
  • Aluminum barrel

PRICE: 66 Euros

Lezyne Road Drive

A lightweight, efficient and compact pump ideal for taking with you on a ride and perfect for high pressure applications. This tool is Presta compatible (all the others listed in this article are dual pumps) making it perfect for MODMO tyres.

  • Capacity: 160 psi / 11 bar
  • CNC machined aluminum
  • Comes in medium or large sizes that weigh 96 and 110 grams respectively

PRICE: 48 Euros