Factory Visit

This week we are doing a factory visit and meeting Bachir who is our Production and Product Appearance Manager. Tune in on the video as Bachir gives an introduction to the last steps before the frames are ready for assembly. 

Post Welding Processes

After welding, the frames receive heat treatment and then alignment before they are ready to have the welds smoothed. The smoothing of the welds ensures the nice stealthy look we see on the Saigon+. 

Painting and Quality Assurance

Bachir and Martin introduce us to the painting line where the frames are first primed and then painted. After painting the frames are critically checked for flaws in the inspection room where some frames do not move on in the process due to strict quality standards. Those frames that pass the inspection are securely stored and dressed in protective skirts as they are prepared to move onto the assembly line.

From Frame to E-Bike
During the coming weeks we will give an introduction to our assembly line, so you can see the Saigon+ in the making as it’s turned from the naked frames you see now into beautiful e-bikes ready to ride. So stay tuned - and don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter and check us out on instagram @modmo.io.