What you should know about the Enviolo Hub

At Modmo, our Saigon Ebike has undergone numerous iterations and upgrades but one exciting change that we’ve seen in the last couple weeks is the integration of the Enviolo CT hub. The Saigon has the option to be upgraded and equipped with the CT hub and compatible TR shifter. The main benefit of this is the fact that it will be incredibly easy for the CT hub to be upgraded to the TR hub in the future should you decide to. Let’s jump straight into what you should know about the Enviolo Hub.

Enviolo’s NuVinci Technology

Enviolo is a division of Fallbrook Technologies and is the moving standard for bicycles and Ebikes alike today. Utilizing NuVinci technology, the continuously variable transmission (CVT) technology is a game changer. It is a continuously variable planetary (CVP) and changes the way mechanical power is transmitted to improve the performance as well as flexibility of transmissions. This ensures a greener and cleaner future. The CVP is based on a set of rotating, tilting balls fitted between two rings as shown in figure 1. In layman terms, the technology can seamlessly change through a continuous range of gear ratios allowing ebikes to operate at a constant RPM while it moves at varying speeds.

Figure 1

Some key benefits of the NuVinci technology include the ability to provide a smooth and continuous progression from one speed to another with no abrupt ratio changes or harsh gear engagements. It’s light and small with less complexity as well as high torque density. It also doesn’t compromise fuel efficiency for performance while allowing the engine or motor to operate at it’s speed of peak efficiency. 

Features And Benefits

The Enviolo CT Hub is designed for the urban commuter and created with simplicity in mind while providing low maintenance. The CT Hub features belt drive compatibility creating the optimal low maintenance and worry free city bike. With a ratio range of 310%, it is able to effectively cover the requirements of diverse city topography. Locked gears are a thing of the past because with the CT Hub, there is continuous variable transmission and stepless control. This enables more focus on the environment such as inner city traffic and also allows the ability to shift at standstill. You’ll be having an easier time riding in stop and go situations therefore eliminating the issues associated with locked gears. Last but not least, the padded print of the Enviolo CT Hub is modern and matches the contemporary bike design of the Saigon.

Saigon And Enviolo - A Match Made In Heaven

If you're in the market for our flagship bike the Saigon and like what you read about the Enviolo CT Hub, simply select that option on the product page. When you combine the Gates Carbon Belt Drive System and the Enviolo hub, you have what's probably the most maintenance free drive train on the market. And when matched with our 5 power levels nothing can stand in your way.