The Saigon's Theft-Safety Tech Explained

There is always the worry of potential theft when you’ve invested in a high-end bicycle. Yes it’s beautiful to ride, you wouldn’t want to be cycling on anything else, but on the flip-side you have to be really careful that it is safely chained up or well within sprinting distance when you leave it.

Finding a way to negate this was a top priority for us when we built the Saigon. We don't want you to have to worry about your bike, we want it to be as convenient and natural to use throughout your day as your car would be.

Man riding Saigon S with front basket mod

Riding the Saigon S

So, we made the Saigon very, very hard to steal. How so? Well, rather than offer you bike locks or other external devices to chain up your bike, our team made the bike itself inherently theft-safe.


First, we tackled the issue of protecting the parts on your bike - not just the frame itself. We've all heard the stories of people carefully chaining up their bikes only to come back in a few hours and find everything missing but the frame! Yes you could buy a longer lock and do some intricate weaving but wouldn’t it be easier if the bike itself was simply impossible to break into pieces?

With this in mind, we developed MOD-Nuts: specific, internally designed, MODMO patented nuts on the wheels of the Saigon+ that can only be removed using the special nut removal tool that we include with your bike when we deliver it to you. These nuts are round in shape so can’t be easily gripped by regular tools, and they have our logo inside rather than your typical screw.



"Lock" and GPS Tracking

But what about the rest of your bicycle? MOD-Nuts protect the wheels but we wanted to build a feature to protect the bike itself. What we came up with is some serious spyware-level Big Brother tech that means you can keep an eye on your bike from afar. The tech is only available in the Saigon+ as part of its state of the art communications system.

Here’s how it works. The Saigon+ is built with a comprehensive communication system where all the components on the bike speak to one another, and with our app.



You can use the app to track the location of your bike through GPS. Open the “lock” function, tap "lock" and our software will set up a five-meter digital perimeter around your bike. If your bike moves outside the perimeter, we'll send you a notification and you can track the bike's GPS location in-app. We will keep sending push notifications to you until the bike moves back to its original location, and our GPS device even has an independent backup battery, just in case the thief removes the main battery.

All of these features were designed to make your Saigon as convenient and intuitive to use as possible, but they're also just really, really cool. Enjoy your awesomely high-tech e-bike and feel safe knowing that while 99% of the people who see you riding it may be tempted to steal it, none of them will be able to!


You can find out more about the features on our bikes at the Saigon S and Saigon+ product pages, or contact customer service with any questions.