Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Information

Everything you need to know to purchase your new MODMO Bike.

You can only buy your bike exclusively through our website. 

1st Batch (100 Bikes)  -  September 2020

2nd Batch (1,000 Bikes)  -  November 2020

You have three options:

1) Deposit
Pay €99 today to reserve your SAIGON, with the remainder due prior to delivery. 

2) Full Payment
Pay €2199 now and get €99 Free Store Credit and a MODMO t-shirt.

3) Monthly Payments
Four equal monthly payments of €550. After your final payment, the bike will be ready to ship. 

For orders in batch 1, we ask that you finalise your components and pay before August 1st.

Cancel at any time for free prior to shipping, and receive a 100% refund. 

If, for any reason, you’re not completely in love with your bike, return it for a full refund within 15 days of receipt.

Email us at: and we´ll take care of you.

Straighten the handlebars, mount the pedals, and enjoy your first ride! 

Every bike is fully assembled and taken for a test-ride before leaving our factory, so it should be perfect. 

SAIGON Dimensions

Not sure if SAIGON will fit? We made three sizes to suit almost any size. 

The SAIGON comes in three sizes.

Small: 140-155 cm
Medium: 155-175 cm
Large: 175-200+ cm
*Estimated rider's height 

We're expecting 17kg (37.4lbs). Earlier prototypes weighed just under 15kg, but we’ve since upgraded to a better but slightly heavier battery.


SAIGON Battery

How far can SAIGON take me without charging? 

Our '200km range battery' claim is based on real-life testing... and yes, it really is up to 200km.

Battery range will be heavily based on you and the way you ride. 

Things to consider include: motor power level, rider weight, terrain, outdoor temperature and, of course, battery health.

Our 200km range was based on:

250W motor, power level 2, 60kg rider, 30C temperature and a battery with approximately 20 charge cycles. 

Nothing at all - there will be no resistance from the motor when it is powered off, it's just like a regular bike.

Easy. Set the bike upside down. Locate the lock in the base of the frame. Open the lock. Slide the battery out. Done.

Absolutely. Only your key can access your battery terminal.


From A to B, no sweat. 

SAIGON has a super-reliable and quiet front-hub motor, co-developed by MODMO and our manufacturing partner Aikema.

Many people ask us why a front motor instead of a rear motor.

After factoring in everything, it was clear a front motor was best for SAIGON, for four key reasons:

1) We could use a belt drive and still offer 11-gears (optional upgrade).
2) It allowed us to keep all cables hidden inside the frame. 
3) We fit a 30% larger battery.
4) It made the battery much easier to remove.

The Aikema front-hub motor is 250W with 55NM of torque. Due to EU road regulations, the motor we distribute is artificially limited to 250W and or 25km/h. 

50dB. It's hard to express how quiet it really is, but we promise you won't think it's (too) loud. 


SAIGON comes as single speed, but we offer an optional Shimano Alfine 11-speed internally geared hub as an additional mod.

Yes. Anytime before shipping.

Yes, roughly 1575 gramms.

€200 for the manual shifter or €400 for the Di2 electronic shifter.

MODs - Modular Mobility

We have loads of MODs in the making.

Current works in progress include: two Front Baskets, a Child Seat, a Food Delivery Box, a Pannier Rack and a Waterproof Pannier Bag.

There will be many more coming, so keep sending in your suggestions. 

Theft Protection

How MODMO helps you enjoy a long-term relationship with your SAIGON.

Apart from physically locking the bike, we offer a 'lock' feature via our app.

Tap 'lock' and our software will set up a five-metre digital perimeter around your bike. If your bike moves outside the perimeter, we'll send you a notification and you can track the bikes GPS location in-app. 

Every bike is fitted with a GPS sensor, so you can always track your bike through the iOS/Android app. 

The wheels can only be removed by using the special nut removal tool (included with every bike).

They were specifically designed so that wrenches or other tools can't open them - and they also look like our logo. 

Shipping & Import Tax

We aim to ship anywhere, but can't ship everywhere.

If for some reason we cannot ship to your country, we’ll let you know as soon as possible and issue you a full refund.

For European customers, our displayed prices include all taxes, duties and charges.

Shipping is free for our EU customers.

In the EU and US, yes they are. In other countries, import duties and taxes may be billed directly to you by the carrier. The amount will depend on your specific country’s import duty laws.

If you're unsure, just ask! 

All about the App

Although our app is still under development and not yet available in the app store, here are a few clues as to what we're working on.

No, the handlebar button turns on the bike.

Features include:

- GPS Tracking

- History of recent trips
- Worldwide activity leaderboard

- Referral dashboard 
- Give access to a friend

Our mobile apps are supported in both German and English languages.

Development is scheduled to be finished in August.

 iOS and Android.

Quality Assurance

We test every bike rigorously to ensure it exceeds ISO Standards  (4210-1:2014) by at least 20%. We put our bikes through a range of fatigue, impact, bending and force tests to guarantee they’re tough, durable and reliable.

We've carefully selected high-quality components to minimize maintenance.

In addition, the bike is designed for easy self-repair with instructions provided, and we'll ship you parts as needed.

In the rare case you need further assistance, bring your bike to one of our service partners or we'll send someone to collect it from you. 

We offer a five-year warranty for all MODMO manufactured components, such as the frame. The standard manufacturers warranty will apply for all third-party components, usually a one-year warranty. 

Test Rides

Currently, test-rides are not available to the public as we are still in our final stages of product development. 

From September, we will have test-rides available in 11 German cities and we will expand to all major European cities in due course. 

Cycle to Work Scheme

Yes, we offer the Cycle to Work Scheme to companies across Europe, but the rules vary between regions. If you're interested in learning more, please contact us.