Modmo Founder Quarantined

Having come into indirect contact with 3 people who have been tested positive with COVID-19, Jack O’Sullivan, the founder of Modmo, had to move his “office” to the quarantine centre in District 5, Ho Chi Minh city, for the next 14 days. 

Jack was in Ho Chi Minh City, working on the production of the Saigon, when he attended a St. Patricks day party and inadvertently made contact with some COVID-19 positive cases.

Upon being asked how this would affect the business, Jack said – “This will be a great opportunity to accelerate growth. Instead of working from home, this will be my office for the next 14 days. We’ve got a 60mb internet speed, which is faster than the one we have in our office. Food is delivered to our beds. I can keep things running pretty efficiently. Production is still on schedule. In fact, the pandemic might even have sped up production if anything because people are on edge and things could be shut down tomorrow.” 

As the CVID-19 outbreak had affected Jack’s plans to travel to San Francisco for funding, he quickly put together a new strategy where pre-orders of the Saigon, can be made via Modo’s main website. With a discount price of €1999 (Retail price: €2,799) if a pre-order of €99 is made, there have been almost 50 pre-orders made within 2 weeks.