Scariest thing about cycling? We've got you covered

This Halloween we asked ourselves what the scariest things about riding an ebike are, and not being seen at night felt like a pretty big one.

When you’re cycling your ebike you want to make sure that everyone can clearly see you, particularly at high speeds at night, whether this means effective front lighting and reflectors or extra lights. Being unseen as a cyclist is frightening stuff!

This is something we were careful to integrate into our Saigon ebikes to ensure that you are fully equipped to get out onto the roads without having to buy any lighting accessories. Here’s a rundown of these features and what they mean for you.

Super-bright Front Light

First and foremost is the light built into the front of the handlebars on your Saigon ebike. Made of two powerful LED strips, this light keeps the road around you well lit. It has also been specifically angled to illuminate the space in front of you without shining in the eyes of oncoming traffic. Fully integrated into the handlebars, it’s always there when you need it with no extra accessories required.

The Bekan

There is no need to buy a rear light for your Saigon ebike with our proprietary inbuilt tail light, the Bekan. This light had been built into the frame of your Saigon+ or Saigon S behind a pattern of holes that have been drilled into the aluminium, allowing light to peep through. There are a total of 36 pores, all anodised to seal the aluminium and prevent any corrosion.

NOTE: you can read more about how the Bekan works here.

Lighting Accessories

When you receive your Saigon ebike it will come with a range of tools and accessories, including removable front and rear lights and two spoke reflectors. For extra visibility, simply add these to your bike and set off.

Saigon+ Sidelights

The Saigon+ also has bright red lights integrated into the sides of its handlebars. The idea is to give other vehicles a true concept of how wide your bike is and where you are on the road. The sidelights turn on with your Saigon+ ebike’s front light and Bekan - simply press the “Up” button for 2 seconds.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding your Saigon ebike’s visibility features please feel free to email our Customer Service team at

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