MODMO is upping its customer service game! Here are the details

By MODMO CEO Jack O'sullivan:

Since MODMO launched in early 2020, we have been throwing everything we have into taking what was a fledgling brand with a fantastic new product and turning it into a well-oiled machine.

This has taken talent and innovation from an ever growing team of passionate people, and consistent support from our wonderful customer base. The process has been both exhilarating and challenging. We are keen to share more milestones with you this year as we continue to grow.

That being said, our first year hasn’t been all plain sailing, with unprecedented shortages, delays and the COVID pandemic, and we recognise that we have fallen short in some areas.

As always we truly value the input of our customers. We have been listening, and we wanted to let you in on some of the changes we have implemented to keep improving what we do.

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All New Customer Service Department

A lot of our focus has been on developing our Customer Service department. We have made some excellent new hires and bumped up our internal operations to get everything super streamlined.

First of all, we would like to introduce you to three new members of the MODMO team who are heading up certain functions of our CS operations. Jan, Sean and Sinan are the new faces of Customer Service both within MODMO and externally, handling the big picture of our growth towards the leading, personalised CS experience that our customers deserve.

Left to Right: Jan, Sean, Sinan

We introduced our newest member Jan - our Head of Customer Experience - a few weeks ago. Jan is the big picture guy of the CS team. Coming from 8 years at tech giant Apple, he manages and implements change where it it’s needed and leads innovation within his department, always pushing his team to ask questions and rethink the way they do things. He is also the voice of the customer within MODMO, using your feedback to improve what we do.

Then we have Sinan, our Customer Support Agent, who heads up the people behind the email replies you receive. Our customer facing CS team is perhaps the most important part of our operations as they deal directly with your enquiries. We are also supporting the team with new technology to streamline CS operations and therefore provide a superior experience to our customers.

Sean, as Technical Customer Service Manager, heads up our tech division which provides technical product support to our customers, and is the bridge between our customer-facing team and the rest of MODMO.

Sean is also building a technical FAQ repository to help you understand how your product works, including tools for trouble-shooting and quick how-to videos, all of which means you can be an expert on your own bike.

What Does This Mean for You?

In effect, our new set-up will make the transmission of your enquiries within our company and back to you easier and more efficient, building a customer experience that meets your expectations.

As an extension of the MODMO team we have developed servicing partnerships which means that customers all across Europe will have on the ground support should you need it. Of course our CS agents are on hand to connect you with the appropriate service partner if required.

As a brand we want to be completely accountable to our customers without whom we wouldn’t exist . Your opinion matters. So shortly we will be introducing an NPS (net promoter score) so that we can regularly get the opportunity to capture your feedback, which will keep us accountable and provide the level of service you would expect.

For now, the best way to get in touch with our Customer Service department is via As noted above, you can also contact Jan on

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