SAIGON Prototype Walkthrough | 19.07.20

SAIGON Prototype Walkthrough | 19.07.20
Drum roll please 😎  Here's Jack with a full walkthrough of the latest SAIGON prototype. He will bring you up to speed on each feature, functionality, and what's to come...enjoy! 

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  • Modmo

    Hi Felix, we are still finalizing our mudguards. Take a look at the lates update from August 12th to take a first look at the Prototype.

  • MAtthias

    Hi Jack, I m wondering if there is an option to vary the bikes handlebars to a higher position, because taller
    people like me ( about 2 meters) sometimes have problems with a too low handlebars.. whats your idea on that?
    Kind Regards , Matthias

  • Felix

    Couldn‘t see any mudguard in the prototype.

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