Saigon Sizing Guide - Everything you need to know about our Dimensions

Saigon Sizing Guide - Everything you need to know about our Dimensions

Saigon Size Chart

If you want to know which SAIGON frame size is right for you, follow these simple steps and take a look at our Saigon Size Chart to find out.


Saigon Geometry Chart

If you are looking for more detailed measurements of the Saigon with all of its dimensions our geometry chart should have everything you need.


If you can not find what you are looking for in the charts or need any help with choosing the right Bike for you, please reach out to us anytime.

4 Kommentare

  • Modmo

    @Louis Martin: Right now, we only have one model, the Saigon. But we are releasing a model designed for females soon

    @Erik: Thank you very much! Unfortunately, the handlebar is not adjustable!

  • Erik

    Hi, I recently reserved a nice ModMo and I’m pretty sure I will be very happy with this genius design. My question is whether the handlebar is adjustable in height to achieve a perfect sitting position? Keep up the great work and also the weekly updates which is quite unique!

  • Louis Martin

    Do you also manufacture modèle for women ?

  • Horst Schwegmann

    Ist ein Lenkervorbauwechsel möglich? Kann ich in Deutschland das Rad mit einem 350 Watt Motor ordern? Wird das Rad mit us mod ausgeliefert? Ist dieser dann auf privatgelände nutzba?

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