What make our Saigon ebikes so safe in the Winter?

Getting out on two wheels in winter is often daunting given the kind of weather you would have to contend with, particularly in parts of the world where snow and ice are an issue.

Our ebikes come with a range of features that keep you visible and ensure stability on the road, from an integrated lighting system to tight front-motor control. Let us explain.

Integrated lighting

Something that’s key to bicycle safety anytime during the year is visibility, and this becomes of particular concern in the winter, when weather conditions can make it harder for you to see or be seen.

Both the Saigon S and Saigon + are built with powerful lights integrated into the front and rear so that they are always with you when you ride, accessories or no. The front light is a bright, LED system built with two powerful strips, angled to illuminate the road in front of you without shining into the eyes of oncoming traffic. In the rear, the Bekan tail light lights up your back wheel from within your seat post, keeping you visible. The Saigon + is also built with sidelights on its handlebars.

High grip, no-puncture tyres

Both our ebikes are made with Kenda 700c x 40 tyres, with K-Shield puncture protection. This means that the tyres not only grip the road well, it is highly unlikely that you will get a puncture during your ride. Kenda’s K-Shield technology puts a layer of aramid and ceramic particles under the tread area, protecting it from the elements and lengthening tyre life. Ride with security, knowing that you can put your wheel where you need to go.

Tight motor control

Finally, we have paired a powerful front motor with an internally developed, advanced motor control unit that measures input and traction as the motor is giving power to the wheel. This means that our motor cannot accelerate aggressively - it is designed to be a smooth, strong experience that keeps you in control.

This adds an extra layer of security to your ride in the winter months, when it can be easy to feel less stable on the road, ebike or no. With both our Saigon + and our Saigon S you have total, uncompromised control of your motor and power assist, determining how fast you go and how much of that is from your own pedal power.

Make your ride even more comfortable!

It’s not just safety that’s a concern in the winter - comfort is a big thing too. Two wheel travel through the winter months can be absolutely freezing, so it’s important to take steps to ensure that you can stay dry, wind-proofed and warm during your ride.

In the interest of helping you navigate this, we covered a few blog articles on our favourite cycling gloves this winter and how to choose your own, and on five essential cycling accessories that we would recommend for the winter cyclist. Have a read for more insight from our team into how to stay comfortable on your bicycle during the colder months of the year.

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