Which MODMO Battery Do I Need?

At MODMO we sell two types of battery, each with different ranges, charge times and price points.

All our bikes come with a battery installed - the Saigon+ has the 17.5Ah and the Saigon S has the 10.5Ah - but both batteries are compatible with both our ebike models so if you are buying a spare, you have the choice of either one.

We brainstormed a list of questions to ask yourself to help you figure out which battery to buy, whether you are looking for an extra power pack or investing in a replacement, from how often you will use your battery to how far you will take your bike.

Questions to ask yourself

How far do I need to be able to cycle my ebike between charges?

Both of our batteries have long ranges but there is a marked difference between the 17.5Ah and the 10.5Ah. The 10.5Ah will get you 75km on a single charge which could be ideal for someone who is looking to ride their bike on shorter trips around their city or someone who will have time to charge up their battery more regularly.

The 17.5Ah can take you up to 120km on a single charge, which would be perfect for those with fewer opportunities to charge their battery. Perhaps your workplace is far from home so a longer range would be helpful, or you are extremely busy and simply don’t have time to recharge your bike as often as you would with the 10.5Ah battery.

We assess our batteries’ ranges based on a number of factors - motor input, which power level you use, how heavy you are, the temperature around you, the terrain and the charge cycles remaining on your battery.

The 120km range of the 17.5Ah battery was based on testing with our 250W motor, a power level of 2, a 60kg rider, a 30C temperature and a battery with approximately 20 charge cycles.


How much pedal assist do I typically use?

If you don’t typically use a lot of pedal assist and prefer to workout under your own steam, only using your ebike’s electric power intermittently, then your battery’s charge will last longer and you may want to go for the lower-range, cheaper 10.5Ah. If you turn off your pedal assist there will be no resistance from the motor - your MODMO ebike will be just like a regular bike. The Saigon+ even has a gear system to make your non-assisted ride more flexible.

If you prefer to use pedal assist throughout your ride, ensure that you have enough power behind you. This may mean purchasing the 17.5Ah depending on other factors like how long your rides are, how often you can charge it, etc.


How long do I have for my battery to recharge and how convenient is it?

Our batteries have differing charging times, at 3 and 4 hours respectively for the 10.5Ah and the 17.5Ah. One consideration when buying a battery could be how often you will need to charge it (this would depend on how often you use your bike) and whether or not you will have the time to do so.

NOTE: there are two ways to charge your MODMO battery. One is through the frame of your bike itself - simply open the front Mod Cap, remove the plastic layer underneath and plug your charger into the battery charging port.

Another way is to remove the battery altogether from the base of the bike. Either lie the bike on it's side or flip it upside down, open the protective cap and unlock it with your key, slide the battery out and plug it in. Only your key can access your battery terminal.

Will I take my ebike touring or will it mainly be a city bike?

If you want to take your bike touring or on other long trips you may want to consider purchasing a 17.5Ah battery as the battery range is longer and you will be able to ride further on a single charge.

That being said, if you can charge up regularly then a 10.5Ah will suit you fine! Both our battery packs have the same powerful core structure that is built to propel you wherever you want to go with your MODMO ebike. It's all about which better suits your lifestyle.

For more information on our batteries or any other MODMO product please visit our FAQ page or contact customer service at hello@modmo.io

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